No Money Down
100% funding for Purchase and Rehab.
100% up to 70% of ARV.       
65% of ARV for new investors       
10% Interest. 
 3 Points Rolled Into  Loan.
 9-Month Term.
 620 Minimum credit score required.
 Loans from $75,000 to $1,500,000 
Lending:  Nationwide except for Arizona, Hawaii, and Nevada. 

Requirements for Credit Approval: (typically 2-3 day turnaround)


-              620 credit score minimum. We only pull Equifax bureaus, and they are always soft pulls, we will not do a hard pull on any credit.

            Bank Statements -  must see at least $30k in the bank.

-              Driver’s License

-              Current years personal tax Return – This is a must. If a customer cannot supply a current Tax Return, we will not approve them.

-              Entity Docs – Hard Money loans have to be business to business, therefore we have to lend to an LLC or and Incorporation.

·                      Operating Agreement/By Laws

·                      SS-4 – EIN assignment document

·                      Articles of Organization

·                      Certificate of Good Standing

These are the requirements for credit approval. Below are stipulations on properties:

We will need the following to process your property file: (closing as quickly as 10 days from submission of fully completed app)

-              Pictures of the inside and out of the property

-              3 comps (Filled out on our application, all blanks must be entered)-              Itemized Repair budget (also required to be filled into our application)

-              Fully executed contract & any assignments you may have.


-              We reserve the right to decline deals over 74% ARV. Anything more than this is thinner than we want to pursue as a company.

-              We typically do not lend on deals that have repairs more than 30% of the total loan amount.

-              We do not intend to lend on deals that are more repairs than purchase, even if the customer is buying it deeply discounted.

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