100% Financing For Experienced Fix-n-Flip Pros...

If you have fix-n-flip experience, I have the program for 100% financing.  I need a partner that would help me build experience and relationship with my investor..  I will do the "due diligence" to garner the funding (which I have) ...you just present your experiences (minimum 4) ... we partner in the ownership through the exit strategy (contractually)...  You must have a proven track record of flipping homes in good markets, with solid returns (I will follow your lead).  I prefer we do three together, however I will "step-aside" so you can use the investor/lender independent from me after the first deal so you can continue to grow your business - if you prefer.  I just need three deals to factually record the experience for my investor.  I have access to the program... I will follow your lead, and follow-through your business model till successful end..  Can we do at least ONE deal together, in order to help you build a relationship with a 100% investor/lender - that will help you build your business?...  I have experience (wholesaling) in obtaining assets at or below 70% ARV to include rehab costs.. I will use my experience to obtain assets, in order to produce excellent returns for us.  Can we do business under your direction?....   ...  joerosa2012@gmail.com

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