10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Commercial Project Pre Underwritten Before Sending Them To Any Lender!

Having Your Projects Pre Underwritten Gives You A Major Advantage Over  The Other Projects Your Funder Is Considering.

A Pre underwritten loan package makes the lending decision almost brainless for your funder.  All or the key information is accessible and easy to locate and to analyze . This gives you several advantages over all the other applicants in the lender's financing pool.

1. A Professionally underwritten loan package get the lenders immediate attention because rarely do they receive pre underwritten proposals. Your proposal automatically get the Lender attention.

2. A pre underwritten proposal is easier for a Lender to analyze and speeds up the process.

3. A pre underwritten proposal illustrates your attention to detail and illustrates that you have given great thought and consideration about your project.

4. A pre underwritten proposal makes it easier to negotiate and to enter into a constructive dialog with the lender

5. A pre underwritten proposal gives you the opportunity to identify any weaknesses in your proposal before submitting it to the Lender. You can address the weakness prior to submitting your proposal thereby eliminating the possible and obvious weaknesses in the proposal prior to submitting it to the lender.

6. A pre underwritten proposal makes your negotiations with the Lender easier because all of the information the Lender needs is available..

7. A pre underwritten proposal can be used to negotiate with a Seller for a lower price or better terms. "According to my underwriters, the property is only worth $$$$$$, here's a copy of the underwriting report for you to review".

8. A pre underwritten proposal loan package identifies you as a serious borrower.

9. A pre underwritten proposal separated you from all you competition and put your loan in the front of all the other projects that are not underwritten.

10. You only get one time to make a first impression 

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