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Do you want to get paid for helping other people raise their credit score?

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could help people, get very well paid for doing it, and accomplish this in just a couple hours a week (or less)?

Here it is:

Credit Repair is a service that helps thousands of people every month. Raising your credit score can qualify you for real estate financing, credit cards, automobiles, and lower interest rates, all of which save you money. Good credit makes life much easier!

Sometimes life is tough and people don't…


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Happy Holidays everyone!

Most of you know that we have a verified Funding Sources feature on this website. Most of these lenders were verified around the time this website was started. A few have been added in the last year. At the time these lenders were verified over a year ago, each was a verified, direct funding source. Now, with so much time passing by, we are going to make a major change to benefit everyone:

If you have already paid to be added as a verified Funding…


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I own this website. Just for fun... Here are my thoughts (from someone that has closed more loans than you)

If you are a Mortgage Broker, JUST CALL YOURSELF A BROKER!

If you are "direct to the check writer", why don't you just call yourself a Broker? A Broker is someone that "brokers" a transaction. For those that lie or are embarrassed that they are Brokers, that means that if you do not either write the check, wire the funds personally, or work for a company that writes the check or wires funds, then YOU ARE A BROKER!!!

"Direct to the check writer?" That means that you are not…


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