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Comment by Admin on February 6, 2018 at 9:55am
Comment by Admin on February 6, 2018 at 9:54am
Comment by Gary ELLISTON on February 2, 2018 at 8:02pm

GOT sources for financial instruments if you need them ......... project funding  mtns bg sblc oil  t strip sellers ill direct you to them directly

Comment by Admin on January 31, 2018 at 5:45pm
Comment by Admin on January 31, 2018 at 9:37am

I live in Meridian, Idaho (5 minutes from Boise). The market here is very strong but at the same time, still affordable. You can buy a nice, upper-middle class home for $275k to $325k. I was able to buy a 1700 square foot townhouse in Boise back in 2/2015 for $138k and sold it last summer in 7/2017 for $186k. Those types of gains are standard in this area.

What about you? How is the real estate market in your part of the country? Are home prices rising steadily, or have values slowed down?

Comment by Eric Lerman on January 30, 2018 at 8:21pm

I have written to amuse, and I do hope you enjoy. I read all of what is here, and realize, I must as well show some funding prowess. Being an Asset Recovery Specialist, I am known for my creative, effective methods. This makes great conversations, connects me to many investors, and gives me an insight most unique, for underwriting. When properly structured, default rates on funding have been, in my own history, cut 63.6%. The figures used are from 3 lenders, two Trustees, and numerous private investors.

CREDIT LINES and CREDIT LINE ASSETS, in a very wide variety of formats. Please inquire directly. A TGA specialty. Adding value, increasing value, as well as creating revenue wheels at various levels. Sovereign projects and under served market regions present challenges, I embrace. Our division, Global Society of the Arts, uses arts and culture to enhance tourism and revenue operations through exposure and possible reformations. Some do prefer the shovel and the gun. Not I.

Hard money. 2-5 yrs. I/O. No Prepayment Penalty. 8-18% qualified. Global and Domestic, Multi-national is possible. Closing 7-10 days after Funding Commitment, for verifications. Min. $3M USD Domestic, $5M USD Global. TGA reserves the right to contract the Permanent Loan when applicable. Our only overnight funding was in our region. Please regard.

"Soft Money" 2.5% and up. Amortized as Take-Out Loan, or can be structured as "Hybrid", using Bridge Monies to convert at specified time or completion into amortized format. Min. $3M USD. Max set at $300M USD can be expanded.Borrower and project must qualify.

$50M USD and up, expansion funding. Merger, acquisition, sovereign and multi-national prospects are all invited. Regions include Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Can be debt service or equity, as requested, or as offered case-by-case. Please do not use this grouping for distress. 3-7% CE required for approval, yet may be "seeded" along the way. 20% CE strong enough for best arrangements, and makes my day much more assured!

Balance Sheet Enhancements, Credit Line Assets, Joint Venture Funding, using TGA Asset-Base and TGA investors, either contracted ongoing or case by case. Most offers use TGA Assets and Private Investors, our stock and trade. $10M USD to $1B USD, always bilateral contract. Two parties must perform.

Alternative transactions and Asset-based, conflict/dispute resolutions case by case. Investor underwriting by contract only; for trouble files, funding offers and portfolio consultation with optional actions to be offered. Trust Deed investors welcomed to inquire, must be able to prove min. $6M USD + contingency.

Call or e-mail as you wish. A short application, the "Pre-App" is attached. titanglobalassets@gmail.com , or ericl@titanglobalassets.com . Pre-Apps have priority, after active files and investor meetings/reports. Call 01-831-471-8444. TGA is an underwriting company, and a direct source of funding and alternative assets. 

Offered the gift of the finest granite headstone and plot, though flattered, I had to refuse. It would not fit in my carry-on. Besides, my name may one day be placed upon a stone, an urn, or burning raft to the tides; yet I will surely not be there. Live long, prosper, and better our world.



Comment by Eric Lerman on January 30, 2018 at 7:11pm

Adwork attached, I seek to amuse.My name is Eric Lerman. I was raised on grit and gravel by the crossroads, where we always knew the long way was the right way, better eaten by gators than buy the devil a beer. I learned to walk, and I walked, and I walked!  Through the jungles, through the cities, across the oceans and through the skies- I have been journeyed, determined at all I do. I had to make up for all the years I was under the shelter and the nomadic path of the cycles of nature. 

I am now educated (ahem!), well educated, field educated too.. and I clean up well, so I am invited many places, and always welcome back. I am told that aside from being a "marketing and finance dictionary" (gee, thanks Harry!), I am also amusing and a darn good guy. I admit I like women maybe too much, yet when I look to the left, I am always taken by the right. I do not ever trespass. Yet liars come in all genders, uh all 3, uh or more I guess. They are testing things at UCSC that they will only describe as "uh, dude, that's freaky man". And this from a gene splicer scientist. His best work is our worst nightmare- Frankenstein, built for organ repair, yet in reserve for the elite, who I will now name as many as I can.....   (SANITIZED DOCUMENT). Hmm. More congressional TP. Give me liberty or give me a good fight at least. With Lady Libs on my wing, nobody will be taking our freedom, save perhaps ourselves. By action, or lack thereof, we are, in a sense, beyond innocence, if only by proxy. Maybe this tells you how much I care about our humanity, our liberty, our lives in balance of chaos and tides, and our world. All of us. I care, deeply. It is just how I am.

I think any job doing must be my best. No matter, clear the burning house, or sweep the Welcome Mat, vacuum up all that kindness, more like anthrax, the way our country, our people, our work is spoken about. Tricky deals, using Viet Namese lands along with Mexico, to expand La Paz, with funding from a Japanese-American corporation; mega-corporation; behemoth, 'zilla and Kong type corporation! Big. I can be quite a bit more than a handful, yet always in my client's corner, and often with Dual Agency, to work directly with both the borrowers and the investors, usually to process, assess risk with "cure" and condition offers. I work for the closing, if that is the goal. 

One man came to me, under a 3 way default, 2 BGs and 1 giant loan. Receivership receptive, I replaced some of my own company assets, appraised at $96M USD, to free a $40M USD property from the courts. The contract allowed my client to fund against these assets- Credit Line Assets, being F/C real estate, appraised and contracted to my care. The parcel released, drew very high income. My parcels were able to be pulled after 3 turn downs. It was the court's gamble.

I write these tales of truth, and can show you how scrappy an underwriter can be. Space and time, I am where they meet, and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Eric




Comment by Admin on January 30, 2018 at 3:53pm
Comment by Admin on January 30, 2018 at 3:51pm
Comment by Admin on January 29, 2018 at 6:18pm


I have spent the last 15 years advising people how to fix their own credit. themselves, without having to pay a high-priced credit repair company hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. I personally once had a 480 credit score, which is absolutely horrible. My credit score when I purchased my last vehicle a few months ago was 756. Big change!

We all know the reasons why good credit is important... Buying a home, investment properties, nicer and more reliable automobiles, lower interest rates on EVERYTHING, better jobs, self respect, and many more.

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Fix your credit and fix your life - Today!

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