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Comment by Melvonne Geiger on March 8, 2018 at 9:51pm

I get funding for the novice and the experienced.  You shouldn't be penalized for not having any experience.  Minimum loan amounts 75K in our general bridge program.  50K minimum for our Pro Borrower program

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Comment by Darnell Henson on March 7, 2018 at 2:32pm

The lowest broker fees are available here. We charge just 1.5% for broker fees. This means more money in your pocket to make your flip better! We lend on the property value not just your credit score. Contact us at darnell.henson@desertstarcapital.com or call us at 7027239593

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Comment by Dwight Thomas Shook on March 3, 2018 at 3:48pm


$5,000,000-USD to $300,000,000-USD Private Commercial Finance & Collaterals Balance Sheet Enhancements International & Domestic, Business & Real Estate

*Worldwide Real Estate Funding & Joint Ventures *Venture Capital *Balance Sheet Enhancements- In House Asset Base *Collateralizations & Collateral Assignments *A Direct Source with In-House Underwriting *Direct Investor Contact *Asset-Based Conflict Resolution

Creative Finance is our specialty. Turndowns are considered. Bad Credit, BK, Default Experts

Email: dshook6495@embarqmail.com

Comment by MarZia RiVera on March 1, 2018 at 6:26pm

Opportunity; $50K per 1% Equity  Multi Family Apartment Platform 172 Doors

1.)  Total Equity of 36% is available Earnings 9% APR of I/O payments of 5% /12 distributed monthly and 4% or the greater of equity position will be an annual bonus for the 5-year term.  Only 10 Positions available at this earnings Tier 1, there are 3 additional Tiers each plus by $10k.

2.) $1.8M TOTAL Capital if one Member or group desires the full 36% please contact immediately.  All funds will be backed by hard real estate assets to a value of 130% of Participants funds placed in the attorney’s escrow account.  There is a maximum slot as each Tier Fills up.

3.) Principal is returned on month 61, for which the Participant will continue to receive a royalty of 4% APR (of original funded amount or the equivalent of 4% equity whichever is greater) annually for as long as the operation is in business.   

4.) The Investor may re-invest at the same terms for another 5 years but with an INCREASE in the royalty after (two terms) 10 years to 6% APR (of the original funded amount or the equivalent of 6% equity whichever is greater) after Principal has been refunded.

USE OF FUNDS – For the acquisition of multifamily apartment complexes.  The community opens the opportunity for Member Participants of all financial levels to participate in opportunities they may not otherwise consider, while the cooperative takes on all the risk securing the Member's funds by hard real estate assets at 130% of value, free & clear along with 3 insurance bonds

THE MULTI FAMILY APARTMENT PLATFORM Is a Group of 8 complexes in multiple locations with a total of 172-unit doors for a total purchase price of $5.895M.  Earnings are based on 36 Participants at $50k each for 1% equity / APR or a maximum investment from one Participant at $1.8M or any amount in between for a total of 36% equity available.  Receive monthly I/O payments and the annual bonus for a five-year term.  The return is forecast for the first year to be approximate 15% APR.  When the funding is placed with our Attorney the return period begins day one regardless of closing dates.  All Investor funding is secured by hard Real Estate assets and three insurance bonds.  If you wish to participate in this opportunity, please contact

MarZiaRiVera@239-540-4884.com info@GlobalNetworkCOOP.com

Comment by MarZia RiVera on February 26, 2018 at 6:20pm

Hello, I am MarZia RiVera, a Real Estate Broker and Investor.  Several years ago I was and still am very fortunate to meet TWO Gentleman of multiple talents and to date and proud to see we have join together to share the wealth.  One of them is the owner to over 16 portfolio companies and subsidiaries to include a consumer goods distribution company in which I am an Absentee Owner within the business yielding double digit returns, compounding wired to my account every two months.  This Gentlemen's talents in the industry spans from his employment with both Proctor & Gamble and Philip Morris.   My fortunes continued with the introduction to the very talented, former portfolio manager for the owners of BofA and their closest investors.  Several years ago stepping out on his own to create a financial cooperative community so that he may assist to empower and work with people of all financial capacity, mentoring us and providing opportunities to participate in real estate deals we may not have otherwise considered.   Aligning with these two, creating opportunities for all to participate with entry positions starting at only $25k with strong secure backing of funds by hard real estate assets and insurance bonds.  We have no fear of default or loss of funds as my partners and I strongly believe that no one should ever have to litigate for their money and that the success of the deal should not deem the fate of the monies or its return.  We have created a risk-less format for all Participants to be secured in their investments and ventures with Global Network COOP.  

I personally utilize my IRA and 401k to invest with the cooperative community for solid growth.   We can handle all aspects of a 1031 exchange, as well as work with you and your accountants advise for your best advantage in tax relief. The community also offers higher than bank rate return starting at 3% for a basic saving platform.  We offer profit sharing, higher interest rates and equity position all secured at 130% the value of your funds by hard real estate asset and three insurance bonds.

The Absentee Owner Business / investment that I mentioned is providing me a fantastic interest income for the past two years with as little as $25k you can begin earning every other month starting at $1395 increasing every two months for the next 5 years for a total earnings over $161k, ask me how I do it.

Contact MarZia RiVera,
Southern World LLC, Real Estate Investing
Global Network COOP LLC, a Financial Cooperative Community

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Comment by Gary ELLISTON on February 20, 2018 at 5:18pm

we have small cap programs ....where you put up 1m and up get over 900k back in aprox 30 days ..........no risk  402 612 5291  call for details

Comment by Lady Rayne Investing on February 20, 2018 at 3:44pm

https://www.foreclosure.com/address/2410-Jefferson-St-Harrisburg-PA...; I need to find an investor that will let me do the busy work of finding and flipping or renting properties like this in my area for a fair cut or who will lend to me for a fair return.  No drama ;) 

Comment by Lady Rayne Investing on February 20, 2018 at 3:42pm

https://www.foreclosure.com/address/Herr-St-Harrisburg-PA-17103/503... I need to find an investor that will let me do the busy work of finding and flipping or renting properties like this in my area for a fair cut or who will lend to me for a fair return. 

Comment by Lady Rayne Investing on February 19, 2018 at 9:46pm

I would like the financing to do this deal, without a lot of drama asap actually by the 1st  https://www.foreclosure.com/address/23-N-17th-St-Harrisburg-PA-1710...;

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