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For Ultra-High Net Worth Corporations: Raising Non-Recourse Project Funding

This is an ongoing opportunity for those with well in excess of 100-Million Dollars in cash or certain other select instruments. To begin, first it is recommended that you read this article to inform… View »

Upfront Fees vs. Legitimate Fees

Fees and Upfront Charges (Courtesy Blackburn and Sons) One of the trickiest subjects in the field of commercial real estate finance is the subject of application fees. There are a lot of con men out… View »

Business Plan Writing Assistance

Who Really Needs a Business Plan?  There is a camp out there saying "you don't need a business plan." Don't believe a word of it. Without some structured information that conveys quickly, and si… View »

Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance Business Types: business services, food and beverage, auto, plumbers, medical (doctors/dentists), manufacturing, software and technology companies, energy, distribution, transp… View »

Unsecured Loans

We’re a marketplace that connects established businesses looking to borrow, with people and other investors who want to lend. By cutting out the costs and complexity of dealing with banks, you can g… View »

Commercial Bridge Money Guidelines

Property Types: apartments/multi-family, hospitality, mixed-use, office, retail, warehouse, light industrial, selfstorage, and marinas.   We can consider churches, restaurants, and gas stat… View »

Loans From Life Insurance Companies

(Courtesy of George Blackburn) Commercial loans from life insurance companies typically offer the lowest interest rates and the best terms in all of commercial real estate finance. Most commercial re… View »

Seed Capital

Equally as important as raising the funding needed to capitalize your business is acquiring the knowledge and understanding to manage those funds as effectively, intelligently and profitably as poss… View »

Hard Money: It CAN Get Ugly, But Sometimes Necessary

If you are at the point where hard money is the only option, you'll want to do your research to factor in the hard money costs.  Interest Rates range from 13% to 17% from lender to lender… View »

Asset-Based Funding

Asset Based Lending Solutions for small and lower middle market companies,including credit lines against collateral such as receivables, inventory, contracts, and  medical receivables.We &n… View »


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