Lakeview in New Orleans: The Comeback

Hurricane Katrina and the levee breaches that followed absolutely decimated Lakeview in New
Orleans. However, Lakeview, perhaps more than any other neighborhood in the New Orleans,
put forth an extremely robust rebuilding effort. This neighborhood has made a most
incredible recovery since the storm. Lakeview always was a very family oriented
neighborhood. Young professionals have flocked to the area to rear their children. The
safety of the neighborhood coupled with the fact that it is in New Orleans make it one of
the more thriving neighborhoods in the city.

Lakeview and Hurricane Katrina

Lakeview was one of the most spoken about areas of New Orleans during the massive press
coverage provided from the hurricane. With a multitude of photos showing the devastation of
the area, Lakeview became a household name and the keynote neighborhood referenced when the
press referenced New Orleans homes affected by the massive storm. Because the Lakeview
subdivision is located so close to the levee breach, it represented the defining point
between the areas affected and not affected by the breach of the levee.

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