Buy a Ready Possession Flat or Get a Home

Living in your own flat or house provides you with the great feeling of security,
independence and happiness. The ultimate dream of everyone is to own a place to live. When
a person starts to earn, the first thing that comes into his mind is to own a house and
starts to save a lot towards this purpose. When it comes to own a house, you have got two
options, buy a ready possession flat for sale or buy your own land and build a house in it.
Both these ideas have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's analyse some of them to
decide between these two great options to own a living space for ourselves.

Building Your Own House

Every person has a dream to construct a house that suits to the needs and requirements of
the family members. It gets fulfilled when you plan and construct a house for you. Here,
your liking and preferences of interior decoration, a color of paint, types of tiles and
marbles and a lot of other features of the house give preference. You can choose between
costly and cheap materials of construction. You can supervise the laborers and technicians
who work to construct your house. Meanwhile, you can save a lot of money. Again, you can
construct your house part by part. It is not necessary for you to construct it at a
stretch. You can complete the work as and when you have money. Hence, your house becomes a
fulfillment of your wishes and dreams. At the same time, there are a lot of disadvantages
too. Constructing a house by you takes away a lot of your time and energy. If your
knowledge in the construction field is limited, you may make mistakes in choosing the right
materials and laborers for the construction. These days labour is not easily available. In
the case of a sudden financial crunch, your dream to construct your dream house may not get

Buy a Flat

When you buy ready possession flats for sale, you have a lot of advantages. The most
appealing benefit of buying a flat is that you can move as soon as you complete the buying
formalities. There are no worries and hurries of construction. You become the owner of a
beautiful home overnight. Your confidence and self-esteem will shoot up and you will
achieve the status of being the proud owner of a flat. When you choose a ready to
possession flat for sale, you choose to live in a highly developed are in your society. The
disadvantage of buying a flat is that you have to find a large amount of money to buy it.
There are also options to meet these financial requirements. The quality of construction
also may worry you a lot.

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