My name is Victoria Nelson, I am an Investment banker with V- TSD, please contact me at in order to discuss funding options that we have available.

V- TSD is one of the largest and most experienced project finance groups in the world compromising more than 300 dedicated specialists in our offices worldwide who are fully qualified to provide financial services and products. 
Stable financing, efficient execution, expert solutions and customer service are how we help clients succeed.
Our broad range of lending products in the areas of corporate lending and investment banking, combined with access to strong capital base; allows us to execute financing that supports your business objectives. Our deal professionals' industry expertise and attention to your goals during every step of the loan process allows us to offer solutions that help you achieve success.

We concentrate on larger projects, $1M upwards, up to $ 200 Billion.
Please provide us with a brief executive summary in order for us to review your loan inquiry and to provide you with details on our options.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.

We Fund Real Estate Investors Funding, Construction Loans, Start up Loans,Mortgage Loans, HUD Personal Loan, Business Loan, FHA Loans ,VA loans Conforming Loans etc.We fund early stage-start-up ventures, partnership, existing Ventures and do total completion and investment expansion projects. Leverage walk-in equity on discounted commercial or residential purchases,Brokers welcome! Contact us for start-up funding, commercial RE Finance, seed capital, early stage start-up ventures, Joint Venture/Partnership investment, Loan,Mortgages. We can fund excess of $800M.

contact us on (to curb spam and related attacks) |UK Off: +44 702 402 1265 | USA Off: (213) 867 7390 | Email:*


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Need a fast $1.5 million corporate loan for an oil project for one of our borrowers.
Your terms & conditions?
Please confirm receipt and advise
Best regards,
Francisco De La Chesnaye
702 605 0220


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