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I am very involved in Cryptocurrency as an investment. I realize this is not a Crypto website but I own this website and I think there are many people on here like myself that invest in Crypto. Let's talk about it! Share your expertise, recommendations, and ask questions. 

Let's help each other make money with Crypto!

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Bitcoin Mining/Investment Opportunity

Started by Matthew Clarke Jun 21, 2022. 0 Replies

Hello,Don’t depend on your monthly income alone; you can also stay at home and earn more if you have Coinbase/Luno/blockchain/Localbitcoin/BRD wallet. You can earn up to $10,000 BTC and more in one…Continue

Upfront commission fees

Started by Steven Kowalski. Last reply by John Jamison Dec 8, 2021. 1 Reply

I have started a BTC trade from an online broker. Unbeknownst to me, and my fault for not vetting them, they will not allow you to withdrawal my earnings unless I pay their 20% commission before I…Continue

Investment in cryptocurrency

Started by Morgan Davidson Jun 18, 2021. 0 Replies

there are many more way one can also invest and get back profit through a more well experience expertContinue


Started by Carlos Cortez Jun 16, 2021. 0 Replies

so how are we going to help each other investing in crypto.? i know by investing but more details are needed, you guys agree?Continue

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Comment by Admin on April 10, 2023 at 4:37pm


Comment by Louis Rosenberg on March 17, 2023 at 5:59pm

Sitting with about $61k right now, altogether. About 1.2 bitcoin plus various others. I really feel that bitcoin is a can't miss. Yes, crypto is way down since 11/2021 but that just means you can get it at rock bottom prices right now. With only 21 million total bitcoin to be produced and around 19.7 million already owned, guess what happens when the entire 21 million is owned? The price explodes and we all make a big return on our investment!

Big Lou

Comment by Admin on March 17, 2023 at 4:08pm

Big Lou,

last summer I sold about $18,000 worth of crypto. Started buying again slowly in September. Just saw your post and checked to see where I am at. Last September I started putting my email blast profits into crypto on because it is safer there. Right now I have $12,100 in crypto on PayPal, mainly bitcoin. Also have another $18,000 of crypto spread out among three other exchanges. Crypto is not going away. Bitcoin is by far the safest monetary investment I know about. 

Comment by Louis Rosenberg on March 17, 2023 at 3:31pm

I bought half a bitcoin about a month ago when it was priced below $20,000. Just saw that bitcoin is currently trading above $27,000 for the first time in over a year. Crypto is not dead! It is still a fantastic way to make a great return.

Big Lou

Comment by Louis Rosenberg on January 12, 2023 at 3:48pm

Crypto has had two very good days in a row! It has been a while since that has happened. I have not sold any since I began slowly accumulating crypto a couple years back. With the party of good people now having control of the House of Representatives, I feel like crypto may once again be an option. Harder for them to kill it if we have the House. It looks like there are several promising investments in crypto right now. A little scared because of the FTX theft, scam, whatever they are calling it. I prefer Coinbase because of safety and the ease of making transactions on their App. 2 factor authentication gives me some confidence in their security as well.

Just for laughs... I am considering Litecoin, Fetch.AI, and also purchasing more Bitcoin. I just feel like Bitcoin is becoming universal and at some point will see some very large long term gains. Fetch.AI is up over 100% in the last week. Litecoin is always a good second choice behind Bitcoin based on fast speed, functionality, and their large market share.

Comment by Admin on November 13, 2022 at 3:10pm

Ron and Lou.

I am going to try to stay out of financial discussions at this time. Lou you are right, we will now be a communist nation and I honestly do not know what the future holds. Scary times to say the least. If you can, consider cash flowing 1 - 4 unit rental properties. If not, stay liquid.

Sorry I cannot add more input but I am very concerned about what the future holds for this country and I do not want to be the person responsible for giving out incorrect financial advise. At this time, nobody's opinion is any better or worse than anyone else's. My only advice: be good to the people that are good to you. Love your family and friends. The good 50% of this Nation have many concerns right now and I do not have better information than any other investor at this time.

I will say this about crypto: Don't buy it today. Wait for a big dip, The market will go down. How could it not... Look at America right now.


Comment by Louis Rosenberg on November 13, 2022 at 2:35pm

Hi Ron.

My thought is that the democrats have cheated their way to not only the Senate but also the House of Representatives. This means America is now a true communist Nation and things are going to change for the negative. How that affects crypto: It will be regulated and the opportunity for huge returns like many of us were seeing two and three years ago is now gone. This is just my opinion. For that reason, I will no longer purchase cryptocurrency. I have quite a bit of it, in my opinion, and will likely hold most of it but with the political climate where it now is, and likely NEVER changing again, I no longer hold the opinion that wealth can be created through crypto. 

We have to invest and I would say that right now putting your money into real estate is the best possible place for it. I have recently been purchasing silver coins, and I am going to liquidate some of my money and hold it as actual cash because things are very scary and uncertain right now. Not trying to freak anyone out but this is how politics have affected things. My advice right now is this:

1) Real estate in the form of cash flowing rentals

2) Hold cash in a safe place, maybe your bank, maybe at your home

3) Silver and Gold will never make you significant money as investments but in a communist Nation, it is hard to trust anyone to hold your funds. Silver and Gold are tradeable in the event that we cannot access bank funds or stock.

Just my thoughts. Monty? You have an opinion here?

Big Lou

Comment by Ron Teves on November 13, 2022 at 10:33am

Crypto is down with the news the democrats have stolen the Senate. To Louis, Monty or anyone else that might know, is now a good time to purchase crypto? If not now, do you think it will keep going down in price as the democrats steal the vote for the House, or do you think the crypto opportunity is over?

I ask because I currently have zero crypto but am intrigued. Any thoughts from someone that might know, would be very appreciated.

Ron Teves

Comment by Louis Rosenberg on November 3, 2022 at 11:53am

OK, obviously our current Presidential administration has pretty much destroyed Cryptocurrency but good money can still be made on certain coins. Here is one success... Monday of this week I purchased a nice amount of GITCOIN at $2.03. This morning, GITCOIN was trading at $2.91. That is an increase of over 45% in just 3 days! Another thing to think about is this... Elon Musk now owns Twitter and is a huge fan of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Since he has a large stake in both (supposedly) it might be smart to have a decent amount of one or both of these because when he tweets about them, their price goes up significantly!

Just my two cents!

Comment by Shaun Tollman on October 8, 2022 at 8:26pm

Now that I finally can invest in cryptocurrency, I am not sure I want to. I think bitcoin will come back and do well but when I look at the stock market and yes, what our disgusting America hating President has done to our economy, I think I would rather put money into the market and just wait for the days when we have a real President. With that real President will come economic recovery. Lower gas prices, cost of living, rebounding stocks and crypto market. A new President like Abbott or DeSantis will change everything about our country and stocks will follow right along.


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