I had read a very passionate email about using the discussions for sharing knowledge and making good contacts. That was a very enraged email as well as being encouraging about the nature of "discussion" groups. I do try to adhere. Yet every time and if not the ad being the subject, then the ads below the subject- these are clickbait for ads where each claims similar to others. I could say TGA is very unique- and we truly are. Yet I write today only to find out if there are any actual discussions such that I may participate and enjoy what little coffee time I may get to.
I find it refreshing to simply have community. Please do let me know if such occurs here. I favor that aspect.
Still funding, still direct, global and with JV money as well- yadda yadda. Our ads are fun, yet truth be told I have been asked to write a book by an old fashioned publisher. Maybe I will. The tales of travel and diligence at large can be of greater comedy, tragedy and drama than most of what I see put forth as entertainment. It plays out well at dinner parties. "You have to live my life to get boots like these." Then again, maybe you do! After all, life is not a spectator sport.
I get very intense. I balance this to save my humanity, with humor.
Thank you all and be well.
Eric Lerman, Sr. Underwriter
Titan Global Assets

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