work with a company that give out loans with 6% interest.

My name is Micheal Dewey I am located in MN USA I work with a loan firm willing to give out loans. We offer all kind of loans with 6% interest, the amount to be loaned out is between the range of $20,000 to $5,000,000 and within the duration of 1 year to 15 year. If you are interested in getting as a loan .




 Best Regards,


 Micheal Dewey



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Seeking funding for Single and Multi Family properties in East TN with each property approx. 50K-75K with

10K-15k of rehab and a net profit of 20K-30K. Let me know what you can do.


I got your e-mail of a request of a loan. I want you to sum up the total amount you need as the loan and get back to me before i send you the loan application form. 

Your faithful, 

Micheal Dewey. 

Hi Michael

Do you work with Canadian companies? I would welcome the chance to talk with you about our company and its objectives to see if it would be a good fit. Please feel free to respond to me and I would be happy to set up a time to talk with you. Thanks


Hi Michael

In terms of total amount we would need for a loan we are looking at an approx figure of $50,000 Cdn dollars.


What is your e-mail address ?

We would be interested in learning more. We seek investors/partners to assist us from time to time with our purchases. We are in a buy and hold cycle at this time. So we're interested in more than a six month loan. Usually 12 to 18months minimum with options at end of loan period. Our credit is not an issue.

Ceno Wilson/ Managing partner

Wilson Real Estate Investment, LLC.


I request your personal e-mail.

MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP has partnered up a private lender specializing in small balance loans for investors in 34 states. 


 Please feel free to email me anytime your loan scenarios you may have for a quick rate quote.

 Average closing time is two weeks for both purchases and refinances.  We’ve made it as simple as possible to get your client closed.  We require:

No doc 1003 (all sections EXCEPT V AND VI) and borrower profile (attached)Payment for appraisal  (we bill via PayPal)2 forms of ID and corporate docs (if applicable)Title commitmentHomeowner’s insurance


P.S. I might be able to help you get deals done that are outside the parameters of what we do as well. I have an outstanding sources for all kinds of unusual loans. Call, text or email me with the scenario….. I might be able to get it done!


☆☆☆  Let me tell you WHAT ELSE WE CAN DO!

☆  30 day seasoning on a rehab

☆  You can buy a home, rehab it and come to us after 30 days for a cash out loan—NO ONE else does this

☆  Cash outs while your home is listed

☆  You can have your home listed on MLS and take cash out—NO ONE else does this, FHA requires 90 days of the property not being listed, conventions is 180 days

☆  More deals/year

☆  Accelerating deals

☆  Leveraging your refinance with your next purchase

☆  Use our cash out product to take 50% equity out of a home, list the home and start on your next project---more homes per year then paying cash

If you have a deal scenario you would like our lenders to review email: INFO@MACGREALESTATE.COM

We would like to borrow $50,000 for 72-84 months. My wife is self-employed and has been in business with the same employer for over 7 years. The rate and terms we are offered will determine our decision on this loan as specified below(monthly payment).

We need to consolidate all our debt(including taxes), buy a new vehicle for the business, put about $8000 or so in a SEP retirement account(which can be used for collateral) to avoid Federal and state taxes for next year as we expand, and some capital for our planned business expansion in our janitorial service company. We can use the new vehicle as partial collateral on the loan too.

Together we have approximately $3200-$5000/mo income with my social security. She made $32,000 gross and $22,207 net for 2014. Our credit scores are bad and are around 550 from the loss of business in the recession. Scores are the only reason we cannot get lower rate guaranteed bank financing.We are still operating after 7 years while many others with great credit as we had too, did not make it.

We can comfortably pay up to $800/mo on the loan with no problem. This monthly payment can be made even in our slow season($3200/mo). I was once in the financing business and can lay out the consolidation and loan plan and show the budget improvement with the loan. We can document a good loan to us by any legitimate and honest lender with some insight.

I am 61 and she is 52. We are both well educated and knowledgeable in our industry. Our goal is to have only two payments per month ....the house and this loan!

We prefer a direct lender. However, we do not mind paying a brokerage fee to brokers, but will not pay it up-front. We would pay it immediately upon receipt of the loan or customize the fee arrangement. If you heavily weigh your loans based on credit scores then please do not contact us.

NOTE: Proof of physical identity will be required by both borrower and lender before releasing confidential information for the loan. 

If you have a physical business address and phone number that we can verify that makes it simpler. We are legitimate borrowers and we only want legitimate lender replies.

Thank you for looking at our request ,

Terry and Vanessa

Hello Micheal,

Can you please provide some details on your funding to

Thank you,

Al Canzater, Managing Principal

I just sent the loan application form to your personal e-mail.


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