Who Needs to Close and Fund: Financial Solution Solver Newbridge Investments

1. Need fast funding for a fix and flip loan? Solved

2. Need funds for new construction on single family 1 to 4 unit, townhome development project, subdivision project? Solved

3. Need to refinance out of a hard money loan into a long term conventional loan? Solved

4. Need to refinance or purchase an investment property using your LLC? Solved

5. Need to refinance or purchase a portfolio of properties? Solved.

6. Need to pull cash out of an investment property, commercial property or land? Solved

7. Need a short term or long term commercial loan? Solved

8. Need a commercial loan for construction or rehab? Solved

9. Need to buy a personal home but your self employed and don’t meet DTI requirements? Solved

10. Need a loan on investment or commercial property because facing foreclosure? Solved

11. Need a asset based or equity based loan on an investment or commercial property? Solved

12. Need a 20 or 30 yr stated commercial or residential investment property loan but can’t prove your income? Solved

13. Need funding for infrastructure or land development? Solved

14. Need to bundle multiple properties together into one loan and do a cash out refi? Solved

15. Need to do a cash our refinance on a Hotel/Motel, Auto Facility, Club/Bar, Apartment Complex, Retail Center, Day Care, Assisted Living or any other type of commercial building? Solved

16. Just completed rehab on property or paid cash for property and need to pull cash out. No Seasoning required? Solved

For more details contact John Broussard

Office: 713-777-9996 Ext 103

Email: John@newbridgehomeloans.com

Web: www.newbridgehomeloans.com

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