This post is here for the many inquiries we get seeking multifamily funding. For those lenders and brokers on this website with funding for apartments, please respond and let me and everyone else here know what you have to offer!

Leaving LTV, credit score, and downpayment requirements would be great.


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We're a direct lender.  Please see our overview, and let me know if our bridge capital is a fit for you.  We specialize in multifamily.


Hello Amy - We can assist with the following requirements:

Specializing in bridge loans or Gap (short-term) Commercial real estate loans for most classes - US & Canada ranging from $5million and above.  For deals that meet our requirements, we usually close in 14 days freeing up the Prinicple to take advantage of opportunities quickly.

Interest Rate - 8-11%

Points - 3-5

Terms - 1-3 years (interest only)

No Prepayment Penalty

No Upfront Fees

LTV - 70 - 75%

If this criteria meets your needs, then please contact me so we can start your funding...

Linda King -

407-340-2319 cell




We Cover all 50 states and can cover loans from 10G-25Mil+ Feel Free to contact with any  questions

Hi Amy,

I hope you do well,

would you send me details of your request for our review, //

Kind regards,


Apartments, Mixed-Use Commercial, Office, Retail properties:

Purchase or Refinance up to 70% LTV

Terms from 3 -7 yrs fixed

Rates starting from 3.5%


Up to 80% LTV

Loan amount -15M and up

Terms: 5,7,10 or 20 yrs

Rates starting from 3.25%


Private Money Loans:

Loan amount from 100k to 20M


Up to 75% LTV

Rates from 8.99%

Terms- 1-3 yrs.

Contact Karina Pierce :



Please see below:

Investment banking group offering 100% funding either debt or equity or combination worldwide!  We are interested in the Energy, Technology, Mining, Real Estate and Business sectors. 30 year proven track record!  

 It is our goal to offer you a quick, transparent and professional experience along with the most efficient service to fund your project.  We provide 100% of borrower’s capital request in the form of debt, equity or a combination and allow all documented expense paid by the borrower to be stacked on top of the request funds.  We can offer a moratorium on payments until the project is stabilized and cash flowing if the timeline to completion is reasonable.  (Determined on a case-by-case basis)

 To start we need a mutual NDA completed, executed and returned by all parties to the project.  Additionally, once we know the sector of the funding request i.e. Energy, Technology, Mining, Real Estate or Business we will provide a questionnaire that must be answered in detail and return which helps to access risk factors and determine our interest.   We are fully transparent and provide all the information for principal to make an intelligent decision on doing business with us.  If the project has merit with strong principal, a very good plan, the principal has liquidity to support the project until funding and are honest and cooperative we can get them through our in-house underwriting to funding.  Our rates based on the following indexes: Libor, Bond rate, 10-year Treasury or Prime depending on the project with terms of 3, 5, 7, 10 , 15 or 20 years.

 Required Documentation: (for submission)

The following documents will be necessary to successfully underwrite and fund your project:

  • Business Plan or Executive Summary with actual or proforma income statements 3 -5 years
  • Balance Sheet/Financial Statement/Cash Flow/P & L with YTD less than 90 days old (if applicable)
  • Copy of Appraisal or other valuation (if available)
  • Expanded Resumes of all principals
  • Line Item Detailed Use of Funds for short-term and long-term projections
  • Proof of funds spent to date in the project and 2 month bank statements showing reserves
  • Executed fee agreement

 We will need the principal to show proof of funds invested to date in the project (if applicable), liquidity (cash in hand) to pay for third party expenses which includes a site visit, a need and necessity study (mini feasibility )along with legal and due diligence.  They will receive an expression of interest in writing from the lender along with lender contact and documentation for their due diligence.  My job is to get you through our in-house underwriting and to funding!  We believe that relationship is critical if we are to be successful with our business venture and without a good relationship we will not be a good financial partner. 

 (The following remark is not intended to offend but stated because of so many request from those who believe that all cost can be paid from closing proceeds):

 “If there are no funds available to cover project cost and principals expects the lender to pay the necessary cost to determine if the project is lendable, close and fund the project and get their expenses from the loan proceeds then no one I know of can help you.”   I have 27 years experience in this industry and have never seen that happen with lenders in the US, Western Europe or anywhere else.

Ron Coleman


nepcoinc1 -Skype



We offer all kinds of loans for Multifamily. 

we are correspondents -direct for FAnnie and FHA

we have portfolio  / balance sheet lenders for smaller apts (500k- 3 million)

bridge and hard money (small ones to 250k in texas), up to 70% LTV, credit not not the factor, the asset and borrower experience are the most important. 

Our strength is working with bridge loans and smaller deals in TX and surrounding states.

214 213 8967

We fund both Domestic and International projects.  We fund deals in the areas of new development, renovation, commercial, energy, oil, manufacturing, acquisitions, etc.


Project funding starts at $10 Million to 3 Billion.

NO UPFRONT FEES to review your project.


We do 100% financing/bond funding.  The principal must be able to pay for the underwriting, due diligence and appraisal fees.  Bottom line principal must have skin in the game.


We don’t do quotes.


Terms up to 30 years amortized with balloon payment (negotiable)


Takes 30-90 days depending on how fast you get the documentation to us.


La Joyce Thomass

Financial Consultant








Rodeo Capital's Multi Family Hard Money Bridge Program:


Up to 60% Loan to Value

Up to 65% Loan to Purchase

1 to 2 Years

$500k to $ 10 mil in Loan Size

Interest Only

10% to 12%

2 to 4 Points

6 month Pre Pay

1st Trust Deed

***Rates & points are determined by our perception of the risk involved with the loan.

Typical Loan Scenarios:


Bank Turn Downs

Need Cash Fast

Cash Out

Discounted Note Payoffs   (currently working on 4 such deals…we have a strong appetite for this)

Purchase Money & Refinance Transactions

Note Purchases

Make Sense Lending

Why Use Us:





Sensible/Creative Underwriting Guidelines

Broker Friendly

We look for the following 3 things in every Loan:


1)    60% LTV or 65% Loan to Purchase (whichever is less)

2)    Borrower/Property with the ability to Service our interest only debt

3)    Clear Exit Strategy from our loan


Our New Website:

We also are an Acquirer of Distressed Income Producing Multi Family Residences (9 Caps & Higher) and Purchaser on Performing & Non Performing Multi Family Notes ( Direct to the Source Only...No Daisy Chains...No Direct to the Direct Source)


For more information or to make a request; please contact:

Marc Rabkin

Director of Business Development

Rodeo Capital

SKYPE: Marc Rabkin

CA DRE# 01910203


ReadyCap Commercial, LLC is a nonbank principal lender offering nationwide financing ($500,000 - $10,000,000) for small balance commercial properties.

Programs include:

Commercial Investment

Owner Occupied  


Bridge $1 MM - $10 MM - Interest only 12, 24 or 36 month terms. Loan to cost up to 80%.

Foreign Nationals are eligible borrowers

Cash out refinancing permitted with no seasoning requirements

Loan term - 5, 7, 10 year hybrid options and up to 30 Years fixed. 
Amortization - Fully amortizing loans - Up to 30 Years.

Fixed and adjustable rate options available

Please send details, including underwriting guidelines to:


If you have investors needing funds have them check out: , click Borrow and fill
in the application. After you submit the app you will be
contacted. If you have other concerns let me know and I
will help you further. Call me (855) 702-LOAN (5626). PMBI
is very competitive on rates and terms, interest only loans.
And rapid turn around time!!
Your Friend in Real Estate,


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