This post is here for the many inquiries we get seeking multifamily funding. For those lenders and brokers on this website with funding for apartments, please respond and let me and everyone else here know what you have to offer!

Leaving LTV, credit score, and downpayment requirements would be great.


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Long Thread but valuable!

Small Balance Preferred Equity

We have a Preferred Equity solution for sponsors who are looking for Equity and can co-invest by bringing cash to the table. This program does not offer 100% financing. It is not driven by the value of the property but only but the purchase price and LTC. Sponsors must be able to bring at least 25% of the purchase price in the form of cash.

Description:      Investments which are typically between $100K-1MM to cover the missing capital requirement

Structure:          Preferred equity position within the Operating Agreement of the Mortgage Borrower

Capital Stack:   Conventional Loan, 25% of Cash Equity from Sponsor, Preferred Equity. Maximum of 75%CLTV between first mortgage and PE investment

Size:                 Minimum of $100 Thousand - $1 Million

Returns:            Preferred returns between 15-20%

Geography:       Preference to Continental 48 States

Asset Type:      Multi Family, Office, Retail, Storage, Assisted Living, Industrial & Hospitality. Commercial stabilized assets only. No construction.


Benefits:           This program helps by making the required downpayment available to satisfy the lender

Example:          Investor Tom has a great deal and wants to buy an office building worth $2.5 million for $2 million. Tom puts down $500,000. The bank makes a loan of $1,300,000 and requires Tom to bring $700,000. The equity in the property does not count toward a downpayment. Qualification is based on the purchase price. Due to the shortfall Tom utilizes our preferred equity partnering program and it makes up the $200,000 preferred equity investment needed. Tom now meets the requirements and completes his purchase.

Am John Carlson a private lender/investor, i can help you with the loan funds, if you are interested, contact me via:

Great Eastern Investments, LLC has finalized the funding of $1.65 million to refinance the Woodlander Apartments in Jefferson City, Missouri.  The funding was with a private investment firm’s portfolio transaction at 4.91% fixed, 10 year term and 25 year amortization at par.  For information about financing please contact:  T. J. Morrow at Phone 830-796-7735.

Diversified Funding Services is always interested in funding financially sound real estate deals both in the US as well as a number of other countries.

If you have a project in need of funding please send your executive summary to

Thank You.

John White, CEO

TAMCO Capital can provide funding your commercial deals between $75,000 to $350,000. Small apartments, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Warehouse, Hotel/Motel, Recreation, Daycare, Hair Salon, Auto Body, Funeral Home, Church, Self Storage, Convenience and more. Close in 2-3 weeks. 60% LTV, Credit scores from 475. No Seasoning or Penalty for Early Payoff.

Larger deals from $2MM to $25MM considered case-by-case by our senior analysts.



Acquire up to $150,000 in unsecured business capital buy following these three easy steps:

1.Simply apply by filling out a simple pre qualification form and follow its instructions to verify your personal credit worthiness. This process takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Submit your pre qualification form along with your credit report to your designated consultant at MACG Real Estate Group. Your consultant will start with your analysis of your business, and depending on your credit status pre qualify you for up to $150,000

3. When your business has been pre qualify for up to $150,000 in unsecured business credit, our experts will guide you through the application process, keeping you updated and helping you resolve any approval conditions that lenders may have. In as little as 15 days of your full application, your business will receive up to $150,000 an unsecured capital

Follow this link the pre-qualification form:

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Providing businesses, both seasoned and startups, with access to commercial real estate financing, working capital and over 20 other types of business loans needed to cultivate growth and ensure success for years to come.



Hello, I saw your loan request on,it will be processed within 1-2weeks only at an affordable interest rate,at no upfront fees,write now on,thanks as I await your prompt response, James

I am a direct lender.

Stated Income Nonconforming Loans

Most property types considered including residential real estate.

up to 80% LTV


888-268-7778 x 11

Drexel has numerous programs and most likely one would fit, even have one without any Tax Documents being required.


Eneldes Plc is into funding of the following categories:

Start-up funding
Commercial Real Estate Finance*
Venture Capital
Seed Capital
Early stage funding
Business Financing
Personal Loans
Hard Money loans
Debt Consolidation
Start up funding
Auto loans
Rea Estate funding
Unsecured Loans
.......and many more.

Annual interest rate is 5%, No collateral facility required, Poor credit not a disadvantage, Loan Repayment spreads out over years, We pay a commission of 1% for referral service.
Contact us Via E-mail :

Kindly Regards,
Jeremy Sanders,

Just read about your post i think i can help you fund your deal only if you are serious in securing a loan from me get back to me via inbox here so we can discuss more about your loan



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