This post is here for the many inquiries we get seeking multifamily funding. For those lenders and brokers on this website with funding for apartments, please respond and let me and everyone else here know what you have to offer!

Leaving LTV, credit score, and downpayment requirements would be great.


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Rodeo Capital Has Recently Closed The Following Transaction...

A $3,600,000 Multi Family Residence Purchase Loan in Jacksonville Florida.

Property Consists of 354 units which are 88% Occupied.

To View these and other Closed Transactions, Please Visit our Recent Fundings Page on our Website at

ABOUT RODEO CAPITAL-- Rodeo Capital Inc, is a portfolio lender specializing in bridge loans with the utmost reliability and integrity. Rodeo Capital does “Make Sense” lending in a lending environment of unrealistic and inflexible lending guidelines.

To learn more about these loans or our overall lending capabilities, please contact Marc Rabkin at 310-909-7334 or

We fund multifamily projects world wide Amy.

Ron Coleman


nepcoinc1 -Skype



The entire loan process is reviewed by the staff Attorney's each step of the way, to ensure compliance. We offer Corporate financing, SBA loans, Private loans/Angel, Traditional bank loans, Equipment financing, Equipment lease backs, Business revenue loans, Start up business loans and IRA and 401K, rollover loans.

The great part of this email is you can submit your loan as a referral direct to me , by following the attached link:http://www.EZLOANFUNDING.COM/agents/5781    

You can also join the team at this link and submit your loans direct to the lender and generate part time or full time  commission on all your transaction: http://www.EZLOANFUNDING.COM/5781  transactions

These links will provide the details of the programs and back ground of the company, we have funded over 100MM, in the last 2 years.

Best wishes and much success, in your business transactions

Darren Lynch

Global Solutions offers:

Major US Markets
Uses: Purchase, Refinance, UNRESTRICTED Cash Out
LTV: Up to 80%
Terms: 5/25 - 30/30
Non-Recourse: Available
Rate: 5.5%-7% (Better and Lower pricing for <70 LTV projects)
PPP: YM, Step Down, or Flat PPP

Major US Markets
Uses: Renovation or purchase of distressed/underperforming properties
LTV: Up to 80% LTC/65% future value
Terms: up to 3 year I/O
Rate: 8.5% - 9.5%
Non-Recourse: Available
Fee: 1% Origination and 1% exit. Exit waived if borrower stays with lender.
What makes them unique?
*Financing for foreign (NO US Credit/Tax Returns) and out of state investors
*Unrestricted and Unlimited CASH OUT
*No seasoning requirements
*Deferred maintenance/rehab financing
*Lending on distressed assets/under-performing properties
*Non-recourse financing available
DIRECT TO LENDER. Will provide referral fees.
We also have other financing access including Fannie DUS, Freddie, and no income verification.
Can show recent closings and approvals.

Jared Rine

Business Development

Global Solutions, LLC

209 481 0514 - cell

877 785 3332 - fax


Amy, hope all is well i work with Eastern Union Funding we are a market powerhouse currently number 1 in the country on a transaction basis we are averaging over 300MM closed and over 300MM in new loans a month on pace to more then triple our numbers from last year which was over 1.2B. Multi Family happens to be our strongest lending point. we just recently locked up a 5 yr fixed rate at 2.75%. where are doing some phenomanol things. Working with over 30 banks and private lenders the value is here. Please dont hesitate to call or email me at anytime.

Michael Golomb



We do equity and debt on apts. We like Texas and top  10 type markets in South - Southeast. 

We can go small in Texas (down to 250k) with max up to 10 million. 
We are brokers and lenders. I am more of intermediary to fund-capital than borrower broker. 
Let us know what you need. 

Monty we have client developers in Texas seeking capital for their projects contact me with you funding guidelines, 937-301-3441 (Ohio) or 480-259-3395 (Az)

We have multiple capital sources for CRE transactions. Several of our capital sources specialize in the multifamily market sector starting at 5+ units to very large complexes. Contact us with your requirements with executive summary or request our project intake from at: or call 937-301-3441 Dayton,Ohio or 480-259-3395 Phoenix AZ


Hello Amy - Thank you for the opportunity to network as a group!

We have contacts with several funding sources and will look at each Project independantly! There are no fees and no obligation for our Reviews.

Investor Groups seeking Commercial Project funding; Hotels, multi-use, apartments, etc... Please see the following for Projects criteria:

Direct contact with Principle required - I am Broker friendly but some Investors are not...
US Investment involvement must be accepted in countries outside of US
JV/Partnership available on some Projects
100% Financing available on some Projects with specific documentation required by investor
Currently, Projects need to be seeking $250,000 or higher
5- 12% interest depending on criteria for most loans with 1-3 Points accessed
1 to 30 years loans available for most Projects                                                                                                                  Bond Financing Program

Most Projects considered if tied to real estate assets. Investors are actively seeking solid Projects and are creative with funding resources!

We look forward to serving where we can - Linda King


Have PRIVATE funding for Commercial Loans. Only PRINCIPAL Please! 602-692-3769 


I just secured an LOI for Multi Family projects that were HUD qualified affordable rentals.

The source is a US non-bank Multi- $ billion fund.

The fund will build in ad disburse our points at closing.

They will also consider Bridge, Mez and equity participation to reduce developer cash requirements.

Must be an experienced developer and a credible, qualified project.

I will be pleased to work with you.

Bob Weinberg, President

First Boca Associates, Inc.

Boca Raton, FL

(561) 482-1250


I do Commercial real estate financing all over the country. Have people e-mail me to the address below.

Richard Meyer

Ocean View Capital Advisors

30 Broad Street

New York, NY 10004



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