Every city and state is different but I know that in my city (Boise, Idaho) fix & flips are still a very popular way for investors to make money. Across the United States, who has funding for Fix & Flips? Which state has this funding?

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Funding…Is that what you need??? I work with private lenders/investors that can assist with funding for Expansion Capital, Joint Ventures, Construction Loans, Bridge Financing, Investor Property Lending, Hard Money Financing, Residential, Commercial, Oil and Gas, Working Capital, Rehabs and Flips, CashOuts/Refi‘s, Alternative Energy, Assisted Living, Equipment Financing, and much more!!! Contact 804 654 9843 or email Annette@legacycommercialcapital.com. Visit site www.facebook.com/commresidfunding. Look forward to doing business with you!!!


I would like to offer our financing solutions to you as it relates to your upscale Vodka project.

1) We will finance any viable business development project if the client  has 10% to 15% to place into attorney authorized escrow and we will finance the balance in 10 banking days or less.
. This can be on a non-recourse basis if necessary

2) On larger development/acquisition projects if you can provide access to a  SBLC we will either purchase the SBLC on their behalf and provide  -15a non-recourse loan up to 80% LTV and close the transaction in 10 banking days.... or monetize the SBLC up to 80% LTV and close within 15 banking days

3) arrange lines of credit up to 1.5 million dollars

4) provide access to our seasoned shelf corporations with existing lines of credit of up to 1.5 million dollars. Your clients will have immediate access to the lines of credit already existing in the seasoned corporations.

Our funds are sourced from our internal private capital base, or through our international hedge fund or Trust Company relationships.

Attached are two summaries of the Line of Credit programs we can offer to finance your client's business project as well.
  • The first is s working capital line of credit max of 500K. 
  • The second is to acquire a seasoned corp with minimum 350K available line of credit to which we can  ostensibly add 350K every two weeks until it reaches 1.5M. The seasoned corp comes with a qualified CFO as well.
Feel free to give me a call with any questions.​
G. Marshall
Sr. Partner
GWF Capital Holdings

Hello Amy,

I can try, if you send detailed outline of what you're looking for and exit strategy  at  archie@fc4you.com

Thank you,

Archie David
Managing Director & CEO,
Finance Centre, Ontario, Canada
T / F:  +  1  416 - 273 8820   M:  +  1  416 - 856 8999      archie@fc4you.com

We offer loans to both individuals and firms at low and affordable interest rate of 5%

Processed within 48 hours.and a repayment duration period of 3 months to 30 years over

180 countries in the world.We give out loans within the range of 5,000 to 60,000,000 USD

• No collateral, financials, or bank statement required
• Approved within 48 hours.
• You decide how to spend your money
• Great rates & affordable terms.
• Fast Funding's. Approved within 48 hours.
you can write me directly via at :


Website: www.sungoldlendinglimited.cu.cc
Phone: +1(202)769-2279


We can provide joint venture funding up to 70% of ARV, covering 100% of purchase and rehab

NO monthly payments

NO credit required

For details go to:





We can provide joint venture funding up to 70% of ARV, covering 100% of purchase and rehab

NO monthly payments

NO credit required

For details go to:




Need funds for Rehab/Flips (min $46k loan amount) 65% to 80% LTV, credit score 580 or better or Cashout on a Property Free and Clear??

Contact Irving at 801 829 9445 or email Irving@legacycommercialcapital.com. Look forward to doing business with you!!

Here are the basics of our program for experienced investors only:
  • Lines of credit and loans from $50,000 -$5,000,000 (allowing you to purchase several properties within a 12 month period)
  • Fund lesser of 80% of Acquisition and Rehab Costs or 65% of After Repair Value (ARV) on Residential Properties (1-4 units). We fund rehab draws
  • Fund lesser of 75% of Acquisition and Rehab Costs or 60% of ARV on Multifamily Properties (5-30 units)
  • No application fee for credit line approval
  • Monthly payments are interest only
  • No prepayment penalty (3 months minimum interest)
  • Currently lending in approximately 48 states (exclusions include CA and NV)
  • We only lend on Non-Owner Occupied Properties
  • Borrower must have prior investment property experience
  • Experience: Borrower must have previously purchased at least 2 investment properties.
  • Liquidity: Cash to fund their equity requirement.
  • Minimum FICO 620.
  • Minimum Net Worth: $150,000.
  • We will evaluate substantial credit issues, foreclosures/short sales.
  • Borrower is free of significant open judgments and pending litigation.
If you meet the basic criteria above, lets set up a time to talk.


i have given the name of the website which will fund for the needs.  please  click the url and the site   www.financestore.com is available for loan application


if any info is needed please mail to me



Hello Amy, If you are still looking for funding I may be able to help you. If you have a deal already under contract and would like to use Private Money, visit my website www.getreifunding.com  and you may contact me directly. Neal at brhllc2010@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing back from you.. 

I am Benson Hamzar, a private lender in California with funds available from $5,000.00 up to $500,000.00 at the interest rate of 5% for Personal Loans, Small Business Loans and Startups.

For C-Level Companies, Investors, Large Equipment and Real Estate projects we have an alternative Channel that use that can provide Up To $100,000,000.00 depending on inventory and/or other collateral.

I lend funds to all credit scores.

The interest rate is 5% to 10 %, the maximum loan duration is 1-15 years for Up To $500,000.00 and 1-25 years for $500,000.00 to $100,000,000.00.

If you are interested at my loan service, you can contact at info@bencapitalfunding.com

+1(442)-444-1820 info www.bencapitalfunding.com

Benson Hamzar
Bencapital Financial Service

I can refer you to a Fix & Flip source which you can't refuse!

No credit check

No income documentation

No down payment of 10-20%

No hard money loan

No closing costs to be paid by flipper

EMD Assistance available (Earnest Money Deposit)


Contact uri124ch@gmail.com for details

Find, Fix and Flip the easy way!


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