What If, you've become your own lender and finance the projects up to $5MM on your own?

Funding in 30 Days!

Our Direct Lenders specialize in approving applicants with Great, Good, or Challenged Credit.

No Personal Guarantor Option Available!

How Our Program Works

We set up a New Corporation with you as the owner.

Because these loans are based on the assets and credit rating of a New Corporation we set up for you, Loan Approval is Simplified.

Your New Corporation can be issued millions of stock shares with a face value per share that will create a multi-million Dollar Corporation.

Experian then appraises your company to determine its value to be In the millions.

You are the owner of a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation.

A Dun & Bradstreet account will be established to have your company’s business on record reflecting the positive financial status of your Company.

Now that the New Corporation you own has assets and an A+ Rating, Combined with your Proper Business Proposal, Loan Approval is Simplified.

For more information: taipan@fasttrackfunding.net

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