We pay you 10% preferred return + equity share on this 10+ cap opportunity

ELF HOMES, INC. has a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the purchase of a bank-owned portfolio of 18 Baton Rouge, LA rental properties that we currently have under contract. This is a rare over 10-cap opportunity.

These are not distressed properties. They are bank-owned and being purchased at a discount.

There are 18 duplex units in Baton Rouge, LA (all 18 are separate deeded properties) that are a combination of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms each.  Their condition is good to very good.  The properties were remodeled in 2006 with granite & wood.

ELF Homes has intends to convert 4 to 6 properties to corporate stay rentals. Our corporate stay units typically rent for 2.5 to 3 times the long-term rate.  Once we convert them, the overall project cap rate goes up even higher.

Acquisition Price/ Unit


Current Market Price



Cap Rate

Current Income


18 Long-Term Rental


14 Long-Term + 4 Corporate Rentals


ELF Homes is offering a small number of  LLC joint venture interests in this portfolio. Joint venture  Class A members will receive a 10% preferred return annually on non-returned capital. For every $100,000, joint venture investors will be entitled to an additional preferential 10% of net proceeds from the sale of these assets. 

Investors also benefit from certain tax advantages including a 10% share of  annual depreciation.  The annual depreciation decreases the taxable portion of the preferred return and increases the effective annual return from 10% to 10.9%.

For details, please review the attached investment document. This opportunity is available until August 15, 2014.  For investment details contact me directly at Louis@GreenStayCA.com

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