We have unlimited capital for commercial projects Worldwide

 Builders/Contractors/Investors /Entrepreneurs...Do you or anyone you know need 500k or more for Any project you (they) have?


We have unlimited capital and are expertly positioned to meet the needs of borrowers that fall outside of traditional bank parameters for residential & commercial loans!

Eligible Projects
Stabilized Real Estate
Oil & Gas
Franchise/& start up 
Non Real Estate such as technology, Pharmaceutical, Major Business Acquisitions/Expansion.....
We Can Fund ANY Project..

 Loan benefits of  "The Best Damn Commercial Loan...EVER!!!"
1. 500k minimum (no cap)

2. Only 3% down (1st in the industry) can come from anywhere/anyone, tax deductible

3. 100% LTV
4. No credit required....Project based
5. No PMI ins
6. No pre-payment penalty
7. No asset verification

8, Close 30-45 days
9. 2 yr option of interest only payments...
10.7 points on back end added to loan (not out of pocket & tax deductible)

Commercial loans will be 3.5% to 6.5% determined by risk of the project. (tax deductible)

The following is negotiable if you chose) The term of the loan will be 10 years and if you pay on time for 5 years, we will forgive the remaining 5 years and your loan will be paid in full.

We have UNLIMITED capital and are expertly positioned to meet the needs of borrowers that fall outside of traditional bank parameters for commercial loans! No project is to BIG!!!

Wouldn't you agree this is "The Best Damn Commercial Loan...EVER!!!

Ask about our 1% 30 yr fixed rate for residential "The Best Damn Residential Loan...EVER!!!" No Credit Needed, Only 3% Down, 100% LTV, close quickly

Call Now.....

1- 510-575-1709

what's needed to submit a commercial deal

1. client information sheet 

2.  Two yr tax return or 6 months bank statements

3.  Clear color copy of driver license (all principles)

4. Proof of funds (3%)

5. Business Plan

6. Executive summary

7. Exit strategy w/ 3-5 yr proforma

8. Resume of all principles 

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