Private Money Exchange is your private money partner, for single, multi-family and commercial investment properties. Private Money Exchange is your well established source for loans to purchase and rehab income properties.  Private Money Exchange is the largest and fastest growing private money company in the country.

With this system, YOU too can get the funding you need in as little at 3-5 days at rates that are extremely competitive. We are an equity-based loan facilitator and look at the property's merits and not the borrower's credit. Which means if you're a credit-poor, but deal rich investor, you're FINALLY in the right place!

Our typical borrowers are real estate investors who are interested in purchasing distressed properties to either hold them long-term as rentals or flip them for a quick profit. 

Visit our website at www.PrivateMoneyExchange.org/aff/benr007 to view our video on how our services work.

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I am looking for a bridge loan in order to leverage my buying power, for investment,  commercial /
residential/ land and multifamily properties. I have about 4 properties/projects. I NEED FUNDING NOW  !!! I have two others deal funding in 60 days and one in 90 days that has closed that will able me to pay back the investment in full.Plus,I have GOLD trades I can run every 14 days after closing these projects.
Please contact me at 678-768-7228 or email sherricrawford1@gmail.com


Hi Sherri,

Please forgive the delay in getting back to you.  To further investigate whether or not we can provide the funding you are in need of, you'll have to submit an information form on our website so that we can quickly access which of our many programs would work best for you.  Please go to www.PMELending.com and fill in required information to start this process.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your funding needs,


I have 20 REO/BANK OWNED, DISTRESSED Commercial properties that I have access to.  I would love to buy ALL 20, but I will be very happy with just 1 for now.  Can you help?




Hello. I am a licensed Home Improvement Contractor and licensed Realtor in Maryland and Washington DC. I have a continuous flow of deals with 100k plus profit potential. I have 2 ready to go yesterday with 150k spread and 100k spread. I also have 3 which will be ready in 30 days.

My email is creativehands3@gmail.com of call 240.416.5068

Looking for fixed rate permanent loan in the amount of $108,000 (mortgage balance, no cash out) to refinance existing short term mortgage on a single family investment property.

Property value 170,000

Rented for a year at 1545/month to a section 8 tenant.

Taxes 3907/year.

Property address: 18 Lenox St., Newark, NJ 07106

If you need any additional information, call me at 609-575-8564; or email me at tacohen@thecmpro.com

Hi Ben

My name is Jim Ali. I represent a real estate investment and management group whose principal focus is on the Residential Lease Purchase (RLP) niche, frequently referred to as Rent-to-Own. We are located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, a solid real estate market. Do you work with Canadian Corporations? I have provided a brief synopsis of who we are and what we do, along with my contact info and our corporate website in the signature line below.


Our vision:

Within three years, we will be the leading and best real estate investment group concentrating on this market niche in Ontario. We believe reputation and results are critical to achieving our vision; our values can be summarized as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

In all our dealings and activities.

Business Model:

Our business model is founded on five pillars:

  • Buyer - the client who will occupy and purchase the property at end of lease term (generally 2 -5yrs.)
  • Investor - our joint venture participant(s) whose funds and/or name will make the property acquisition possible.
  • Team - the professionals (realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, property inspectors) upon whom we rely to find and close an acquisition.
  • Strategy - the repetitive proprietary processes that will create a win for all participants.
  • Returns - providing above average returns to our investors in the range of 8 – 16% annually depending on the investment choice you decide upon.


Our objective:

We will make certain that for each purchase/lease/sale transaction there is a balance between ensuring the client/buyer will fully meet his/her commitments, and maximizing financial returns for our stakeholders and ourselves.  To reach our goals, and those of our associates, we do our utmost to buy right and manage the client relationship throughout to make certain the property sells at the end of term.


I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at your convenience and discuss our program in greater detail. Details of our investment strategy, our target market, and our exit strategies can be found at www.residentialleasepurchase.ca. You can reach me at 289-442-3560 or via email at jima@grandriverrei.ca.


I look forward to hearing from you.




James Ali

Vice President of Business Development, Investor and Client Relations

Grand River REI Inc.





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