The people below claim to offer financing up to 5mil at 5% unsecured,

  • They require an advance fee
  • This appears to be a scam.
  • They may be scammers from nigeria or someplace over seas.
  • Use extreme caution
  • Search company names and phone numbers, then talk to them, ask yourself, do they sound legitimate.
  • If anyone asks for an advance fee, walk the other way.

  1. Please add any comments or research to prove otherwise or in support of this possibility
  2. Please expose the truth or the fraud with anyone else proposing financing on this forum.

Best wishes

finance capital llc
lenders capital llc

lender: John Hanson 702-907-9359
co-lender: mitch bedke
Desmond 929-450-7074
john terry 702-602-0924 rcvd business loan
daniel williams 908-341-1154
adams perry 803-867-7225
western union fee $2254 to
Rukevwe Enakireru, PO box 81624 atlanta, ga 30366


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