11.2M Capital

                                                                             30% Equity Position

Investor ROI - 132%


 Lease Water Sales (10 Year Lease)

Investor ROI - 88%

My client is looking for $11.2 Million to develop 1200+ acres with over 3000 acre feet of sellable water with a 2008 appraisal of over $20 million, a low point in time for large land values in the area.  Appraisal can be updated and was made without the water resources figured in to the value, thus it is currently substantially under valued.

For complete understanding of an opportunity for an ROI of 132% read further and then request  the full Executive Summary and additional information!

The owners of the property are expert water engineers:

Water Development:

  • Water Development: Have identified numerous previously undiscovered (un-adjudicated) Water Basins throughout Southern California and Southwest, set up project team, and created investor groups to bring selected properties into escrow, drill well for verification of water Quantity and Quality, select Water Rights Purchaser or Create Water Company. Organize and Coordinate all Geology Reports, Phase One reports, Subdivision Potential, Verification of Easements, Surveying, Biological reports, Closing Escrow, and initiate subdivision process.
  • Catch and Release Apparatus Project – (two patents pending) fresh water recapture.
  • Estuary Curtain Dam – (patent pending)
  • Western U.S. Watershed Rebalance Project – (patent pending) –Federal project.
  • Land & Water Reclamation Project – Developed reclamation concept and constructed team of experts that are currently engaged to resolve the San Joaquin Valley West Side Drainage Problem. The development of this project could be quite profitable, as the buyers have already been identified.

Dam Recovery Project – Currently developing and patenting a device that will recover the Dam’s upstream water holding capacity, which will decrease the need for more Dams by increasing the capacity of the existing Dams

They are Very capable of overseeing the acquisition and marketing of water sources throughout Southern California and Western U.S.


 $          11,200,000

Water Rights Sales

 $         45,000,000

Lease Water Sales

 $                            -

Solar Lease Sales

 $           2,850,000

Land Sales

 $         16,000,000

Total Revenue

 $                            -

 $          63,850,000

Total Cash In

 $          75,050,000

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Send me a executive summary of the project with phone number to samcthomas45@gmail.com

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I have attached a complete Executive Summary for your review.  If still interested please reply at:


Thank you.


Mr. Casillas,

Please contact me at norm@infinityccg.com so I can send you the Executive Summary (it doesn't seem to want to attach here.


Norman Johnston

Infinity Commercial Capital Group

Email sent

Mr. Johnson

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I am a broker.  Does that create a problem?  I have attached the Executive Summary for this project.  If oyou think this is something your could fund, please respond.

Thank you.

Norman Johnston

Infinity Commercial Capital Group




I have attached a complete Executive Summary.  If still interested, please contact me at:


Thank you.


Please contact me at norm@infinityccg.com so I can send you the Executive Summary (it doesn't seem to want to attach here).


Norman Johnston

Infinity Commercial Capital Group

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