USA Single Family Rental Residence Investment Portfolio Line of Credit $1mm - $100mm

For acquiring, rehabbing, and growing portfolios    
$1mm Line minimum, to $100mm
12 month draw
Non-Recourse Loan
640 Minimum Credit score
Active partner (minimum of 10 transactions in the last 12 months)
No Bankruptcies, no Felonies
Rate is 9% I/O, 3 point
Lesser of 75%LTV or 85% LTC, Rehab funds max out at 35%
No collateral required other than properties acquired using the LOC
Proof of Funds Letter supplied
Suggested liquidity $500,000
$500k to $100 million lines available
Time to Close    30 days +/- ( LOC commitment 3-5 days)    
USA properties only

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