RV parks
Auto dealer
Self storage
Golf courses
Movie theater
Parking facilities
Religious buildings
Strip Mall / shopping center
Retirement / assisted living
Inventory loans for builders
Private educational facilities
Condo construction / conversion
Land loans for development with viable exit

USA major metro areas and Canada metro.

To 65% for land purchases with viable exit, commercial & industrial properties and construction, higher LTV with acceptable collateral.
To 75% for income producing properties.
Typically full recourse.
Closings typically 10 working days after receipt of required documentation.

Subdivision land, pre development, residential and commercial new construction, revolving credit facilities construction and inventory loans, Interest only fixed rate acquisition and re-fi term loans  1-3 year term, minimum $4mm / max at around $100mm.

Bridge loan - 30 days to 12 months $4mm / max at around $100mm.

example rates:
10 - 12% I/O with 30 day take out notice typical

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