URGENT: $15 K, 1st position Purchase Loan Needed: Only 4% LTV

 We have an urgent, incredibly safe small loan deal that needs closing quickly!

The loan amount needed  is only $15 K, in first position

The subject property is a SFR in great condition, and the borrower is already a long time tenant.
The house value is $440 K in great condition, needs no repairs.
This is less than a  4% LTV 1st TD Loan

The Seller is the Buyer's current landlord and really wants to help them buy the property. He is willing to carry back a large seller second, in exchange for the $15 K cash. The Lender, again, will be in FIRST POSITION.  Borrower has over $60 K in his 401 K, and over $70 K annual income.

Please, no front fees.

We have the entire package ( credit, BPO,etc,) in hand

This is a small, quick no brainer deal for a direct lender looking for a matchless equity position.,

Flexible on rates , terms. SPEED is the key.

Contact Jason at :localprivatemoney@gmail.com 




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Please send me your  website and full details on your lending services ASAP

Thank you

Jason Hooks




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