Up To 105% Purchase Funding For Your Commercial and High End Residential Purchases!!!!!!!

Up to 105% Commercial Financing - Private Investment Funds

Our investment fund's lending platform is one of the most diverse in the World.

With the addition of new Equity channels, we complete our ability to help real estate professionals from commercial real estate investors to commercial real estate agents to REO department managers and those in charge of distressed asset liquidations.

Our Investment Fund does this with equity partners that bring highly creative and
versatile funding options for both Distressed and Performing Commercial Assets.

We fund in a variety of ways and we have a “Deal-Maker” mentality, not a “dealbreaker” methodology.

With our Investment Funds we seek to place investments in the
form of Debt, JV equity or a combination of both on Distressed and Performing
Commercial Real estate for transactions involving Singular Purchases and Portfolios, discounted payoff opportunities, non-performing note purchases and commercial real estate purchases, expansion, renovation/rehabilitation and development projects.

Property Types:
• Multifamily Dwellings 4+ Units
• Luxury Residential (above USD$1Million)
• Apartment Buildings / Apartment Complexes 10+ Units
• Income Producing and Distressed Property Portfolios & Franchises
• Assisted Living Facilities / Schools
• Retail Shopping Centers
• Office Buildings – High-rise and Mid-rise
• Office Complex – Low-rise and Mid-rise
• Office Warehouse – Multi-unit/Light Industrial/Investor only

Equity Program Specifics:
• Sponsors MUST have experience
• Strong transactions can go as high as 105% - ''Strong transactions are defined as
properties with strong current income or strong forecast income and feasibility.''
• Distressed assets being purchased or refinanced as a discount
• Preferred strategies are Discounted Payoff (DPO), REO, Portfolio Purchase,
Distressed Asset Purchase and Repositioning
• Equity investments are structured finance in multiple formats: Joint Venture,
Straight Debt Financing, Mezzanine/Bridge Loan, Bridge/Equity combination,
Elevated Face Payoff and combinations of all strategies.

Structured Finance:
Our equity comes in many forms. We can be highly creative because we utilize a multi-strategy platform that allows us to place structured financing that is suitable to many different situations.

In some deals we structure an Equity participation with a Bridging while other deals may require Equity, and Mezzanine financing to allow for rehab/renovation, expansion, repositioning, etc..

We can provide the entire structure using our own money and providing for a flexible layered capital stack with carve-outs to allow for partial portfolio sell-offs and pay downs.

The creativity doesn’t stop with the ways that we can structure an investment (i.e. Equity Investment, Bridge Loan or Mezzanine Financing and Combined Debt Financing) but also with the way that we can structure the specifics of the investment type Internationally.

Our creative Structured Finance options give us the ability to offer lower current-pay rates on our bridge and carry the balance of the interest until the end of the investment.

This means that the rate doesn’t crush the cash flow and allows the investor to make money during the hold period of the investment even at up to 105% leverage for strong transactions.

Our structured finance options help commercial real estate investors buy more property, leverage their current cash into larger portfolios and get business growing fast.

Let us show you what we can do.

Call: 1(470) 729-0351 or Email: legacyventuresgroupfunds@gmail.com to receive our Purchase Funding Request Form today.

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