Our latest Unsecured Financing Program at Legacy Asset Solutions:

About The Unsecured Credit Line -

Up to $200k in credit line

Flexible-only pay interest on funds you use

Easy to apply - 24hr approvals and fast funding

Enjoy rates as low as 0%

About The Requirements -

660+ FICO score

One Bank credit line of $2,000+

Reasonable credit/debt ratios

Updated Credit Report within 30days needed

About The Rates -

0-3% promotional rates for 3-18months for most clients

7.9 - 19.9% Interest

Rates & offers vary based on multiple factors


Applications for 24hr approvals can now be completed online at LegacyFinanceNeeds or we can provide an application via email if requested at linda.legacy.asset.solutions@gmail.com

We look forward to assisting where we can! Reach out if you have additional financing needs...

Linda King, Owner of Legacy Asset Solutions





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Please contact me. I would like to find out more about the qualifications for your credit line asap. My email address is ask4 roberta@gmail.com  


Courtney just informed me the soonest I could get approved would be 2 weeks. I only have 10 days. Why does your ad above say 24 hours? Do you have someone who can help me?? It's looking more and more like I might lose this great deal.



Hello Roberta - I know we have spoken several times via phone/email so I would ask that we not mix communications please.  I do not check this site daily.

As we work with other professionals, we do try to minimize time and effort for clients...

We initially discussed a separate project so that is why I believe there might have been some confusion. Courtney notated that you were able to connect with her again and that the time was probably too short but that she needed your credit score to complete the application...

Not all firms we work with can provide 24hr responses or approvals - I believe your initial contact was responded to and additional information was requested.  With first time clients, I would also suggest not rushing into any program or contracts to minimize issues.

We work to support our clients Roberta, but want to do so in a respectful and responsible manner - I do hope we can perhaps better communicate in the future!  If we were unable to support at this time, we always welcome the chance to assist with future Projects.

I hope you are able to finalize the Project no matter who you work with! I wish you much success.




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