Unlimited Deposits Is Exploding Wholesale Businesses. There Is Nothing Like This Out There. MORE DEALS…MORE MONEY!!! THIS IS A GAME CHANGER FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!

 - Use Our Deposits, POF, and Buyers for ALL of Your Wholesale Offers and Contracts.

 - Unlimited Deposits: We’d like to fund ALL of your earnest money deposits, on ALL of your wholesale contracts, so you never pass on making an offer (or lose a deal) because you can’t get the deposit money to escrow at all, or in time.

U.S.A Properties ONLY!!!

All I Need Is Your Name, Email, Phone Number and Company Name (If You Have One) To Get you Started!

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.   If this is still available could you please send details to jmhomebuyers AT yahoo DOT com

Thank you


Start a Business , Inc

Please send all details to get this underway ASAP.

Please contact me with details about your program.

Perry Jones



Kearsedge Boston


PLease send details to lokeshwk gmail com

Joel Christian



Empower Funding Group Inc

send info please ghhccs@yahoo.com

Are you doing business with Brian Brown? Have a look at www.briananthonybrown.com before you do business with Brian Brown. See criminal records, civil suits, bankruptcies, and much more!

My name is Tim Blackbear, e-mail tenbears_58@yahoo.com , 918-313-6433 Jumpingbear Property Solutions. Send me the info to get started in business with you. Thank you

Hi Marc i have been looking for a Gap  funds or a partnering  with me on my deal in NY, NJ and  CT i have a lender in place  what are your terms and condition. 845-641-9040 mfhs@mcfairhomes.com

Joseph A. Guzman Jr., joeguzman@ureach.com, 708-945-1110.

Stan Brown, resales04@gmail.com, 716-573-2125.

Marc, Would you email me your contact information, please?



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