Direct to lender- 100% project finance for 50% equity participation in the project SPV.  Minimum deal value is $100m.  The fund er prefers to work with higher deal values of between $250M to $1B+.  T…

Direct to lender- 100% project finance for 50% equity participation in the project SPV.  Minimum deal value is $100m.  The fund er prefers to work with higher deal values of between $250M to $1B+.  There is no upper limit.  This is not a loan, there is no interest charged and the 50% can be bought out at fair market value at the sole discretion of the client, subject to project completion and six months of stable operation (fair market value determined by mutually acceptable third party). 

There are NO upfront fees to pay. The only cost is traveling to meet the fund er at a mutually agreed location to sign off agreements which you will already have approved prior to your meeting. The face-to-face meeting is for no other purpose than to put signatures on agreements allocating equity in your project and arrange first draw-down of your funds in accordance with your quarterly draw-down schedule.  From application to first tranche will usually be no more than eight weeks.

The program can be applied to resorts, mining, carbon and renewable energy, road/rail, shipping and most other project types in all politically stable regions of the world. 

Compared to traditional equity funding methods the process is straightforward and uncomplicated.  The Disbursement Agreement works in tandem with your Project Funding and Oversight Agreement wherein each quarterly draw-down is dependent on the previous quarter’s project developments being achieved.  The fund er takes no direct interest in day-to-day management but seeks assurance that the project is remaining ‘on track’ as it progresses through each quarterly draw-down.

Summary of terms:

  • Shovel ready project i.e. all permits, permissions etc in place where the only missing element is the funding.
  • 100% funding.  Minimum deal value $100m.
  • Fund er takes 50% equity of project SPV.
  • Funds provided on a quarterly basis in accordance with client draw-down requirements.
  • Fund er has no involvement in day-to-day management (silent partner with rights to one voting board seat). 
  • 50% can be bought back at any time at fair market value after project stabilization. 
  • All agreements/contracts agreed prior to meeting (fund er is located in New York).
  • No other costs.
  • Process takes six to eight weeks application to first tranche.

The basic criteria for this program is that the value of the fund er 50% at the end of the construction period must not be less than the project cost invested.  This means that it applies only to projects with high ROI’s, or long term stable cash flows allowing post stabilization financing to create the exit for the investor.  Where necessary, we can arrange financing to buy out the investor.  Alternatively, we propose to our clients that a ‘sinking fund’ is established in which you can build a separate fund to pay down your principal and recover your 50% equity.  


Once your project have been reviewed and assessed; you will be sent a KYC (Know Your Client) form to complete, which should be returned to us with your full business/product plan including financials.  These are sent to the fund er who will usually respond with your funding agreements within ten working days.

You will also be sent our standard NCNDA and Engagement and Consultancy Agreement (ECA) which will provide for a fee of between 2% and 4% to be paid to us directly concurrent with tranches received from the fund er.  These need to be returned to us with your KYC and other documentation as described above.

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I would like to know more about your funding email me

Thank you 


Seems interesting.  I have some deals that could use this kind of financing.  My name is Jason Ross.  My email is


I am sending a project summary. Please reply.

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Please send me an email to
I would like to learn more about your funding.


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