I offer all type of loans to fit your pocket, whether you are looking for a few thousand dollars to get you back on the road or millions of dollar for your dream to be fulfilled.  All loans are based on your individual circumstances - apply now.

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Did Mrs. Luna respond to one of you? 

She never does
No she didn't Daniel

If anyone is looking for a loan of this type - I can assist them.  We have limited doc and other loans to fit most deals.   Of course you still need a significant down payment to show skin in the game.   

You can email me - and I will promptly respond at mike@ntibfin.com.    or by phone at 914.419.3059

Please send me your guidelines terms, etc.



Would you mind sending me your guidelines and terms?


I'm in Detroit, MI. I picked up a property on assignment $33,000.00 that has a market value of $110,000.00. I have a tenant in place for a $1000.00 a month to purchase in two years  @ $100,000.00  is something you would be interested in.

Bernard Robertson



Please send parameters and guidelinesto

Hi Jory, please send qualifications to: memphishomepurchase@gmail.com



I am really sorry for not getting back to you all. I wasn't around.

Please email on

globalfundingintl0000@gmail.com for more details on my program.

Can you do second position loans? I have a 77 SFH portfolio with an assumable loan in place. The loan has a prepayment penalty in place at 3.9m We are seeking a short term loan of 1.75m. If you are able to do this let me know


check your email.


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