I offer all type of loans to fit your pocket, whether you are looking for a few thousand dollars to get you back on the road or millions of dollar for your dream to be fulfilled.  All loans are based on your individual circumstances - apply now.

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Hey Brian. Are you interested in promoting yourself to get bigger profits? Have a look at www.briananthonybrown.com ! Its packed full of useful information. LOL...ok buddy. So Long!

Please send me your guidelines/ I need to purchase a multi-family in Florida asap. Thank you.

my email is rudy@teatimeandjewels.com

Hi Jory 

I would like to receive your guidelines.  We have been receiving nothing but scammers and cons.  

My email is l.and.lenterprisesinc@gmail.com

Hi Jory,

Please forward the guidelines and terms for your various loan programs as well as your lending areas to me at jrbnson@gmail.com.  Thank you.


Hi Jory,

Please send your NINA or other program guidelines for Real Estate Fix-n-Flip Investors.
Also, please provide your city, state and License# for state-licensed verification purposes.

Send to: vanvartan@gmail.com

Thank you

I am purchasing several "distressed" multi-family properties (up-to 17-units) in Dayton, Ohio metro area. Please forward information pertaining your various lending programs and their applicable parameters. 


I'm seeking a small $100K seed money loan for a client in the Caribbean. The client needs this capital to secure his bridge loan and retain his professional staff. The term of the loan will not exceed 3 months. I'm under contract with him to provide oversight of the development/construction of a 100 unit beach front development. Is this of interest. You can contact me direct via my email. jpwakeman@embarqmail.com

That's what I thought.

Hi Jory, I'm interested, I need short term loan 6 months. Can you send guidelines/terms about your program?

Thank you



I am looking for investors to fund a purchase in NYproperty.  

Subject property: 60 Wilderness Dr, Stony Point, NY, 10980

$950k  What is your terms?

My email: mwongf822@gmail.com

please send me guides:  alex@blackmountaincapital.biz


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