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Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

100% Startup Financing

There are no up front fees.

If you're on LinkedIn please send me a connection request and I will accept.
You can also check out my references there.
95% of the approval process is the personal credit report of the client so brand new startup businesses are fine.
We do not need a 3 to 4 year history like most banks do. Our lending is almost exclusively credit based lending as opposed to asset based lending.
We offer two programs.
One is business credit cards with your name and the company name on them.
The second is personal and business credit lines that may report to the clients personal credit report but usually have higher limits and longer interest free grace periods. We usually offer both programs to our clients to maximize what they qualify for. See below for more details.

Unsecured business lines of credit for any reason including Real Estate.

Only good credit is needed to qualify
The credit requirements are stringent.  However if a client or a co-signer meets the requirements, initial financing would be in place

within 2 weeks of application.  
The funds can be used anywhere for anything. However, the client must beUSA based.

New Businesses are OK
There are no up front fees.

If you go to the web site below to get a snapshot of your credit and scores

Then download and send the reports to me for analysis.

This site offers a 1 dollar trial for 7 days. It’s the least expensive option to get all 3 scores with reports. We use Credit Check Total because it is run by Experian which is one of the 3 big credit reporting agencies. Just download the reports and scores in PDF format or email me the username and password you set up plus the last 4 of your social so I can access the site to confirm the details.


Another important detail:  Because the client is pulling his or her own credit it’s treated as a “soft” pull. If I as a mortgage professional pull credit it’s a hard pull, lowers the score a little and puts an “inquiry” in the report. Too many inquiries is a bad thing on any credit report.

Once this is accomplished we help the client fill out an application that gives us the information to send to the various lenders for approval. 

Our program usually starts at 50K. If the credit is really good 100K in the first round is possible.  If the total desired amount is 200K for example, we simply “rinse and repeat” until the total is reached.

I was a client and opened multiple lines of credit before I started helping clients qualify for this program so I know first hand that this method of financing is very real. Feel free to call or email for any additional help or info.

Call Today

Ray Antonelli; Credit Expert;

Celebrating 18 years of loan origination**** Connect on Linkedin

216 337 7520 Cell ** ** 877 870 4720 Fax

Here are the key qualities that underwriters look for when granting unsecured business lines of credit.

1) No lates of any kind on the whole credit report.
one or two isolated 30s might be OK but will impact
the size of the credit lines at the minimum.

2) 8 years minimum history for revolving debt (credit cards)
Longer is even better.   Recent college grads probably won't qualify

even with 700+ scores because their cards are only 2 years old.

3)  No or low credit pulls in the last 12 months. A handful is OK.
15 or 20 is an automatic turn down unless they are cleaned off.

4) High credit card limits and low balances.  The balances can be no more than 30% of the limits on all cards. My ideal client has a 25K card limit but owes nothing or maybe 3K. Previous high credit was 20K but paid it back.

That tells the underwriter that this client knows how to handle large sums of debt responsibly and will qualify for larger credit lines as a result.   10 to 15K card limits will also qualify. The difference is the credit lines will initially, not be as high.

If I look at a client’s credit and approve it today, then the client has up to 100K or more in credit lines they can spend in 30 days or less.

5) If the client does not meet the above, guarantors or co-signers are freely accepted.

Armed with this info I don't even really need the scores. I can tell whether the client is approved and give them a good ballpark estimate of how much they might be approved for.

It all starts with a credit report.  A one dollar trial gets you all 3 scores and reports.

If I have access to that report by today and I approve you then you have lines of credit you can spend in 30 days or less.  Call me for details.


Ray Antonelli

216 337 7520 Cell
877 870 4720 Fax

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