True 100% Project Financing Up To 80% of the "As Completed" Project Value

We are pleased to offer true 100% Loan-To-Costs Project Financing (Land Costs Included)
Our PEI Funds provide 100%LTC Financing for Acquisition and Development Projects up to 80% of the Estimated "As Completed" Project Value.
Here are sample terms offered.
100% LTC - ''Construction-To-Permanent''  Debt Financing - Long Term Financing

* Development/Construction Rates are based on the LIBOR Index.

* Permanent Rates are based on the U.S. Treasury Index.

Loan Amounts:               USD$1,000,000.00 to No Upper Limit (Funded entirely into designated escrow to be disbursed in phases via stage funding as required)

Construction Term:        1 year LIBOR plus .50%

Perm Options:   [ ] 2 year fixed//30 year amortization//from 2 year Treasury +1.50       

                            [ ] 5 year fixed//30 year amortization//from 5 year Treasury +1.50       

                            [ ] 10 year fixed//30 year amortization//from 10 year Treasury +1.50  

Adjustment Caps:           .25% annual, 1.25% lifetime cap over start rate 

Deferment Provision:      No payments during development/construction period. Payments ledger to the loan balance.

Prepayment Penalty:      12 month prepay lockout; no prepayment penalty thereafter

Personal Recourse:         Not Required 

Points:                              1.00%

Maximum LTC:                100% of costs up to 80% of ''as completed'' value

Time to Close:                 Approximately 20 business days after all required documents have been received for underwriting review.
Proof of Funds Letter:   Contingent Approval with verifiable Proof of Funds Letter can be issued within 10 business days after requested preliminary documents have been received.
* The Debt Financing option provides fixed terms of 2, 5, or 10 years on a 30 year amortization
* The adjustment caps are .25 annual, 1.25% lifetime cap over start rate
The rates presented are accurate at the original date and time of this email and are not to be considered a rate lock until the approval and funding commitment are issued.
During the preliminary underwriting process, a Contingent Loan Approval with verifiable Proof of Funds to close can be issued in as little as 10 business days after all requested preliminary documents have been received and passed underwriting review.

Closing costs may also be rolled into the gross loan amount to make it possible to net the total funding amount required at closing.
Please provide your Executive Summary and let us know which financing option is preferred so that the appropriate Conditional Commitment and required Documents Check List can be provided to proceed to the issue of loan forms for your commercial purchase or project as soon as possible.
Send your Executive Summary or Loan Request Summary for consideration to or call 1(470) 729-0351 to discuss and proceed.

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