I am working on a large commercial projects that requires a large transactional loan. Deal is ready to close! Who can help me?

Tom Wood

TJW Capital


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Hi There :

Please let us have your full contact information for our investment group to contact you directly for the related issue.

David Lee  ( Introducer/Referring Agent)  ; The referral service is allowed under section 1 of regulation 407/07 (Exemptions from the requirements to be licensed in Ontario, Canada
Registered Affiliate, Independent Referring Affiliate Partner and Finance Agent
***As an in dependent introducing/referral agent, please do your own DD FIRST on your side before moving forward to any funding stage with the related principle(s)***
skype : lee.david.wai.kam


It is in the request. I can be reached at funding.tjwcapital@gmail.com  Tom Wood is my name and my company is TJW Capital

Hello Tom, in regard to your post i would love to work with you if you still interested in the funding of your deal. 

Below is my full details to reach me on how best we can move forward: 



Mr. Cesar Ramirez 

Looking forward to hear from you

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William Matos.


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