We are looking for borrowers in need of loans over 1 million for high end residential or commercial properties.

For residential: The products structured by our  banker are creative and are created around borrowers that may not show personal income, have home value issues, or just want to reduce their interest rate or monthly payment. Please take a moment to see if any of these features would be of interest to you, and/or you may email me directly anytime to set up a call discuss the benefits of these products. 


Residential loan features offered for top tier borrowers include:

  • A direct  private banking relationship
  • Par Private Banking Rates, no add-ons
  • Asset and securities based financing available
  • Ability to annuitizing assets to qualify your income
  • Able to close in the name of your family trust or LLC
  • Products offered for purchase or refinance in all 50 states
  • 100% + LTV jumbo loans with the collateralized program
  • Loans for borrowers that feel they don't fit conventional lending guidelines
  • Loan terms we offer, 5 yr, 7 yr, 10 yr, 15 yr, 20 yr, 30 yr fixed or LIBOR +
  • Income qualifying with business cash-flow or cash reserve, NOT just your personal income
  • Rates starting at 2.5% interest only


Commercial loan features offered also include:

        Property types:

        Single family, investment, Multi family, Mixed use, Land, Commercial building, High rise, etc.

  • Short term bridge loan financing for acquisition, refinance or construction
  • Rehab fix and flip
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Rates starting at 6.99 IO for 3 yrs with an extension available

       Feel free to contact me by email to qualify in minutes at: info@superjumboloans.info or visit us at: www.private-banker.net, www.SuperJumboLoans.info or www.privateclientservicesllc.info

Kathleen Smith

Harbour Equity Partners
Private Client Services, LLC

Admin Assist.  | Private Banking and Client Services


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Do you have any stated income loans for residential?

Warm regards,



just emailed you the details, we have products that act the same, but we don't call it stated. 


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