This is our company's second investor deal and we are opening it up for a JV partner or shorter term lender

Hi Investors,   
This is our company's second investor deal and we are opening it up for a JV partner or shorter term lender.  At the moment we running lucky with simultaneous contracts on 3 properties.  This has caused us to look at expanding our funding sources for property purchases which is why we are contacting you.
Our current offering is either a full JV partnership or a shorter loan. This property will close next week so the decision turn-around time is quick. Currently we have our own funds in the escrow account to purchase it with but would prefer to work with an investor or JV partner for all or part of the funding.  The investment options and returns are on the first page of the pdf in the link below.
Our goal is to grow our business. We realize that it is a short turn-around time on funding so feel free to call us for more information.
Here's the property overview doc.   Give us your feedback!

Curt and Lynn Smith

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Are there any domestic lenders who do 5+ year loans at 8% or less?


I repeat,,,, Evergreen Home Loan has never heard of a Mark Luke 

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