I am seeking a direct lender that will do stated income loans on high-end resort properties in Colorado.

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Generation of Funds,Investment,Capital for Personal and Business use, as well as Mortgage/Home loans to Purchase or Refinance,can be met with hitting on the right genuine source with less interest rate, contact johndanzell212@gmail.com

Hi Monte,

I'm a direct lender in Colorado, although I'm limited to about $800k.   Have you tried Volicity capital on the larger ones?

email me directly at micheallawson8336@yahoo.com if you are still looking for business funding. Regards,Michael

Yes,at an affordable low interest rate,this loan can be provided at no upfront fees,reach me on ,..johndanzell212@gmail.com or call (516) 406-3053

Still interested in financing, get a top tier investment banker and a real company,, not a gmail account or cell phone business.

we can get you qualified in minutes.  

Kathleen Smith

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Additional details on our websites at:

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Hi Monte,

I originate stated income lines of credit that you can reuse as you pay them off. You do not have to re-qualify for every deal.

No up front fees either.  Please call me to discuss. 216 337 7520


Ray Antonelli

Connect with me on www.LinkedIn.com/in/rayantonelli/

What is your e-mail id ?



Looks like a lot of out of state lenders that promise the world.   How many of these guys actually close a deal?

Exactly,, which is why recommend a top tier investment banker in all 50 states.

I close deals every day and I have an excellent rep on LinkedIn.

This is good to know.  


We are capable to finance your project at a very low interest rate contact me on morganchase47@gmail.com 


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