I am seeking a direct lender that will do stated income loans on high-end resort properties in Colorado.

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Hi Monte

Just saw your post. I may be able to assist you on a stated income loan. Please give my office a call to discuss further.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ann O'Rourke




Call or email me directly to discuss your lending needs. We are the lenders not brokers on these deals. We have funded over $2.5 billion in closed loans all over the U.S. and a good part of the world.

Jeffrey Silver
Senior Loan Officer

Kennedy Funding Financial, LLC
930 Sylvan Ave.
Suite 110
Englewood Cliffs, NJ  07632
Tel: 201-342-8500
Skype ID: jeff-silver1

I am a private lender located in New York, Are you honestly interested in receiving loan from a private
lender,Search no more as i am willing to offer you the loan you need with the  below requirement.
Monthly repayment of interest and principle amount with affordable repayment
Repayment of Monthly interest only with final balloon payment of
Principle Amount
No Pre-penalty for early loan payoff
Non Collateral Loan
Loan Agreement prepared by Lawyer to legally bid us.
I do offer my loan at a Low interest as 4% I do offer loan for individuals,companies and real estate investors all over united states with good terms and condition for financing, We provide secured loans and none-secured loans (Auto loans, debt consolidation, personal/business loans, educational loan and many-more). Our loans are easy and flexible..If you are honestly interested in receiving a loan, do not hesitate to contact me ASAP so we can begin the processing of your loan on how we can get you finance as soon as possible.

(646) 580-7502
E-mail: realfinancials1@aol.com

★Commercial Real Estate Funding★ ★NO HASSLE FUNDING★
★Flexible Terms★:


MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP and our affiliates are able to facilitate NO HASSLE FUNDING for BUSINESS OWNERS!


Perfect for Investors looking to Refinance existing real estate assest you currently own to obtain funding for other projects you are working on.

We process, underwrite, close and service all loans in house.Same day approvals and closing within 20 business Days!! Call or email us today for an application.


Not known to many business owners and commercial real estate investors is the availability of Private Capital for business purposes in the form of Collateral based loans. Business and real estate owners can get a loan for as little as $5,000. We can lend up to $10,000,000 strictly based on the asset or collateral value of commercial real estate. We use methods to determine funding amounts such as credit card sales, accounts recievable, inventory and yes, even purchase orders, regardless of credit scores, income or financial stability.

Contact us today if you are currently looking to refinance one of the following:

Shopping Plaza, 
Strip Mall 
Convenience store (7-11); 
Department Store (apparel, 
Grocery, Supermarket; 
Light Industrial (10% 
Medical Bldg; 
Mobile Home Park, 
Office Bldg (General); 
Retail Stores ( Personal Services, Photography, Travel); 
Warehouse (Industrial),
Gas Station 
Auto Dealership, 
Medical/Dental Bldg., 
Mixed Use  

Occupancy: 85%+

1st Mtg Amount >= 750000
Interest Rate >= 5+

Contacts us Today!


I can help you get a loan for a very affordable repayment installment and process your loan funds transaction within few hours to enable you get funded with this loan asap

We ELIMINATE or dramatically REDUCE interest charges,we give out loans for a very low percent rates and instant funding asap
No More Stress
Good or Bad credit
Instant Approval
Immediate Relief

Call or text 646-493-8712 to proceed on with your loan transaction done

Thanks Regards

Kris E Kyle


We lend up to a certain level against different categories of property. Loan applications are considered on a case by case basis within  Trust Lending criteria.
You can contact us for funding today Email#   pepe.finaldo@gmail.com


Attached is information on a Stated residential and commercial programs. Call me for application.


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services

Phone: 510-575-1709

Fax: 1-855-203-6081



I maybe able to help if you would like send me a summary and I can run it by the lender they do have stated just not sure on the type or amounts.

My email is j.snively@lakotacapitalgroup.com

The loan is Stated Income, Stated assets, No income verification and no credit, no prepay penalty. 100% financing

The loan is guaranteed by an insurance policy and it's a Principal Only Loan.

The insurance company is backed by $500 Billion.

You can do only one loan at a time. Then once it's paid off you can do another. Commercial , Residential or Construction, purchase or refi, in any state or country as long as they are friendly with the US.

Here's an example how to calculate the loan:

$300,000 purchase or refi not sure how the construction works yet.

Add 8.5% to the loan or $25,500

New loan amount $325,500

Divide that by 360= $904

Add the insurance policy $750 + $904= $1654 Principal payment for 360 months

No Prepayment penalty


The insurance policy is $750 up to $589,000 loan amount,  then its case by case.

Also the insurance policy covers all your other insurance policy that you might have, auto , home, health, earthquake, hurricane, fire, flood, travel, pet and so on.

Minimum loan amount $49K no maximum.

Loan approval in 10 days, client will receive a guarantee to fund letter. All Cash Deal.

Can close a loan in 45 to 120 days, it really depends on the client, if they get there documents back to the insurance company it could close in 60 days or less.

Harold we spoke before but I lost your number. Please call me back.  Thanks,

Here you go 858-945-1047


call me direct - we are located in Colorado and are a portfolio lender.




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