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- $100k up to $5M loan amount
- up to 75% LTV of acquisition cost
- Rates range from 8% to 9.5%
- Fixed 2, 3, 5, 7 & 10 year terms
- 25 year amortization
- 600 min FICO score

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Please email me, I have several clients that need funding. Several are free and clear properties that the owners would like to get a loan on and I have a land transaction that the owner is trying to get monies on to complete the development.My email is dllloans@gmail.com



We are looking for investors in Mexico City. Great return of investment for the purchase and sale of real estates. It is the most effective, safe and profitable business with no risk. Asset based lending. and the investment that you provide will be used for the purchase of real estates, then to regularize the documentation, remodel and resell at a higher price, thereby obtaining a return of 25% annually. ANOTHER OPTION IS THAT WE ARE SEEKING HARD MONEY LOANS OR MORTGAGE, I require $300,000 USD. I own a commercial property in Mexico City that has a value of $450,000 USD. I DO NOT GIVE MONEY UPFRONT, FOR EXPENSES, ATTORNEY, GOVERNMENT, OR COMMISSION; ALL EXPENSES MUST BE PAID FROM THE LOAN AMMOUNT RECEIVED. I LOOK FORWARD FOR YOUR COMMENTS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.  



Atty. Gabriel Miralrío González


Please forward contact information at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,
Ed Franklin
Northwest Capital Services, LLC
'Business & Commercial Loan Specialists'
P (509) 994-3230, M-F, 8-5, PT

F (509) 695-1160

Interested in financing free and clear residential properties in PA.  jtownprop@gmail.com


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