The NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchange are the largest in the world in terms of market capitalization and trading volume. There are over 4,500 companies listed on these two exchanges; on a daily basis the stock price of over 100 of these companies increase significantly, offering countless opportunities to profit from the buying and selling of shares of these companies.

With the advent of technology and establishment of numerous proprietary trading firms, this golden opportunity is now afforded to everyone regardless of their country of residence. The potential is extremely viable considering the economic boost and employment opportunities this project will provide, with this in mind an open minded investor is required to finance this business operation and efficiently utilize the wonderful possibilities stock trading has to offer.


Venture Ace LLC was created to trade shares of companies listed on the US stock exchange. A strategy was created and tested to ensure profitability over long periods. Our strategy takes advantage of small and definite increase in the price of a particular stock and converts it into a profit. The notion of a definite change along with larger portfolio provided by the broker allows one to profit from the sum invested. This strategy was implemented using a demo account and was perfected to be profitable on a daily basis.


Only shares of companies listed on US stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ, and Amex) will be traded. The already determined strategy will be coded into an algorithm which is require little human intervention as thus increase efficiency in executing trades. The number of shares to be bought is determined by the average volume as being able to sell the shares quickly is pivotal in making this strategy work.


Revenues will derive from the purchase and sale of US stocks and shares on the daily basis. Number of shares bought will be determined by the average volume for the instrument being traded. The instruments are picked primarily on the companies receiving some form of good news, sorted based on the 52-week high / low and then those with low volume is eliminated. These instruments are placed on a watch list and when an increase is detected, a purchase in the pre-determined number of shares is made, the price is monitored until it levels or drops at which time it is sold.


We will establish a business relationship with a proprietary trading firm who will provide their resources towards the operation of our trading floor in return for a percentage of our trading profits. All recruits will undergo an intense two weeks training program that will prepare them for the Proprietary Traders Qualification Examination (Series 56), only after each individual candidate obtain this qualification will he / she be hired. Once employed, each trader will be given access to proprietary trading software and a six figure portfolio that will be used on daily basis to trade shares of companies identified using the metrics as described above.


The $500,000 USD is required for the purchase of computer systems and office fixtures for the trading floor, fund trading accounts and to offset the expenses of the trading floor for two months. Setup cost amount to $300,000 and operational cost for the first two months is $200,000 inclusive of recruitment and training.

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To whom it may concern

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Hello Allen McClain,

My company is based outside of the US, if you are still willing to fund my project - kindly provide me with an email address so I can provide you with more details. 



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