Start Up Day Trading firm is seeking capital investment to begin day trading US Stocks and shares.

Venture Ace LLC was created to trade stock and shares on the US stock market. A strategy was implemented and tested to ensure profitability over long periods Our strategy takes advantage of small and definite increase in the price of a particular stock as a result of that company receiving some form of good news. The notion of a definite increase along with larger portfolio provided by the broker allows one to profit from the sum invested.  

Shares will be solely traded on the US stock market (NYSE, NASDAQ, and Amex). The instruments are picked primarily on the companies receiving some form of good news, sorted based on the 52-week high / low and then those with low volume is eliminated These 10 stocks are placed on a watch list and when an increase is detected, a purchase in the pre-determined number of shares is made, when the price of that stock is level or falls, the shares are sold. Number of shares bought will be determined by the average volume for the instrument being traded.

We are proposing a total $50,000 capital investment in return for 50% stake in our company for twelve months or a $50,000 unsecured loan at an interest rate of 10-20% per annum. We have established a partnership with a proprietary trading firm in order to operate a trading floor utilizing their resources. Your investment goes towards the setting up of an office complex for traders to operate, return on your investment will be a percentage of our estimated monthly profit of $30,000. Our intention is to hire and train five traders who will be given access to a proprietary software and a six figure portfolio from which they will trade under the supervision of an experienced floor manager. 

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  Have you found the financing you are seeking?  If not my company might be able to help.  We can fund up to $200,000 within 2 weeks, quick 24hr approvals.  If this interests you please email me at for more information.

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We can double your return in just 2 months if you have 500K to invest.

Good morning, We can help you. Please you contact me at your earliest convenience at 717-245-855.

You can reach my partner as well:

Courtney Lawrence

Funding Specialist | The Business Finance Store

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