Think what a “Pool of Capital “ could mean for your Real Estate Business.

Do you have a real estate strategy that is working; share the benefits with passive fund investors who are in for the long-term. 

We help People with starting a First-Time Investment Fund. 

As a Investment Advisor and a Representative of Mission Capital Broker Dealer, I regularly help experienced real estate investors and developers with establishing their first Investment Fund.

By an Investment Fund, I mean a "blind Pool of Capital" to be used for executing a specific investment strategy.

Based on an analysis of proposed business strategy, we can assist with the structuring of the Fund and Offerings where the Issuer and Investors interests are properly balanced and fairly represented in Offering materials.  

Once all parties agree on a structure, we I can help to assemble a complete Due Diligence File, Offering Term Sheet and help with drafting PPM.

If appropriate, we have a network of Broker Dealers looking for new product to represent to investors. 

Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email:

Bill St John 

Mission Capital (Broker Dealer) 

Direct:  415-547-9066

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