Specializing In The Funding Of Commercial Hospitality, Construction And Technology Projects. Private Lenders, Were Direct To The Check Writers.! up to 95% Financing. No upfront fees.

Please Submit Executive Summary For Review to: anil@commercialfinancingpros.com

5 Million Min To Unlimited Capital in North America.

Principals or Brokers Direct To Principals Only.!

Must have 5% liquid unencumbered funds available.

Let us make your project a reality!!

We Have Lenders That fund When Others Can’t!!!

Contact Us Today!!!!!!

Do you have 5% liquid unencumbered cash to bring to the table?

If yes, we could proceed. we are direct to a private equity firm.

Deals get done fast as there is no upfront fees or any nonsense. The principal talks to the lender straight right away in a couple days. then if a deal is to be done the lender will issue a term sheet and LOCC ( letter of conditional commitment)


Below is the information required to submit project for funding. Some may not pertain to you so please ignore.

How much is your loan request?

How much invested to date?  (Please included verification)

How much can you bring to the table?

Proof Of Funds  5 % required ( Account Numbers Can be Blocked Out)

Executive Summary

Proforma  ( 5 Years Minimum)

Detailed Use of Funds Broken Down Monthly Showing How Funds Are Used

Resumes of Principal

Land Leased or owned .  If leased copy lease  If owned copy of deed or closing statement

Oil and Gas or Mining copy of leases or owned land copy of deed or psa

NC4101 copy  or Geological surveys.

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