Loan Amounts               $125,000 to $1,500,000


Loan Purpose               • Purchase

                                      • Refinance (rate/term & cash-out)


Property Types             single family

                                        • Class I: multifamily (5+ units) and mixed-use

                                        • Class II: office, retail, warehouse, self-storage, automotive services


Debt Coverage Ratio      Class I: 1.20 | Class II: 1.25

LTV                                   Class I: 70% | Class II: 70%

Fixed Period                    3 & 5 year options

Minimum FICO                650 Middle Score

Pricing                             Rates starting as low as 6.99%

Term                                30 year fully amortizing / 30 year loan

Prepayment Penalty        Equal to the fixed period


                                        • Simple loan documents

                                        • No loan committees

                                        • Common sense underwriting

                                        • Permanent financing, NO balloons

                                        • Quick Closings – 20-45 days!



Peter Abraham

813 400-3537 office

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Hi, Peter. I have a rental I wanted to cash out , property valued around 85,000 I just need 45,000 to pay off rehab debt and purchase another property. property free and clear and rented long term for 1005.00 a month. If this is something you can do please let me know . I also have a few other properties I may want to refi.   Thanks Ed

haven't heard back from you yet, please contact me

sorry Edwin, just saw your email, the min loan amount is 125k per property, i have other programs that can help you but not as good as this one.

Need 250k on a 290k home mortgage in Nevada, if you can help please let me know. Thanks

Paul, ii can get you a 70% lTV first mortgage,  to start with i will need a 1003 and tri merge credit report and a short exec summary



Does your program work for investor/rehabbers like me?  I purchase REO's, rehab them and flip them.  Let me know. Thanks.

yes it does, please contact me to discuss your deal


I'm waiting on the bank to respond to my most recent offer.   We've offered $125,000 and would need $25,000 for rehab.  ARV is $225,000 and the plan is to sell the property for $195,000+  A home closed this past month in the neighborhood for $195,000 and they didn't upgrade, paint, etc. so I feel confident my house would move fast at $195,000.

How would your program work on this deal?

we can only lend of as-is or purchase


What is the LTV on sfr? Can you send me any other info? Do you lend in Ohio?



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