I have 2 rental properties I would like to refinance.  Each one would be around $50k for total of $100k loans.

Anyone do these small of loans?

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Yes. What is the present liens on these properties? Or are they free and clear?


Phillip Walker
Stone Creek Financial Services

Hello Steve, i am Thomas Wood, i am a mortgage broker i can connect you to a legitimate lender who can fund your deal, if only you are still interested. please contact me on tomaswood@mail.com

Hi Steve - we are a direct lender and can help with this. Please contact me toshea@liftlinepartners.com

If you're still looking, we can probably do 50% LTV on the cash-out.  But, this would be interest-only for 17 years.


Yea sure.What's your email/phone number?

Hello Sir, I'm a broker, I have lenders that lend below $50,000.00 If you have not secured funding for these project please contact me at amckapropertyinvestments@gmail.com


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