Small Real Estate Business Owner in Need of Loan from Private Investor

Hi All,

I am in need of a loan to pay off business credit card debt. I am seeking $50,000 in funds to be repaid with the following terms: 5-year loan to be repaid with 9% interest, fully amortized over the 5 years which equates to 60 payments of $1,037.91.

I have a steady full-time job making $106,000/year, a personal credit score ranging from 710-732, and my business has a Paydex score of 80. I can provide any documentation you need. Please let me know if you can help me out, thanks.


Phone (408)854-6724


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Eric, Please review the link, I have attached. It provides the background and details of our funding programs, we have funded over 100M in the past 2 years and based upon what you provided, we wouldn't have any issues with getting you funded.



Darren Lynch

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The terms are 2% interest rate per annual (Negotiable) time duration is 10 years/1year grace period.
Kindly indicate your interest for more details respond with your whatsapp number for instant chat and easy communication.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Blessing

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