Payoff, Purchase, Invest in, or Fund any property or project with just 5% (or less) of the Capital Requirement. MEC utilizes the proven Financial Capability of a UHNW Capital Partner, who has agreed to cause the funding of the remaining 95% of your total capital requirement, with the stipulation that the total 100% is first placed with a proven and well managed bank instrument Trading Program.


It is the responsibility of MEC Management to guarantee to the Capital Partner that the MEC project funding pool is able to bring in at least $2.5M. When this is the case, each MEC member in the Capital Partner’s trading pool is scheduled to receive 100% of his project funding requirement in less than 12 months of when the $50M bank instrument trade program begins.


To become involved in this rather unique 100% project funding procedure you must visit the below web site to get registered plus you will need to select me as your personal Account Executive (AE). It becomes my responsibility to insure that you are properly informed and updated.


James W. Peterson: Account Executive (AE)


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