Up to100% Debt Financing Program for Worldwide Projects
$20M USD to $20B USD
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.  This is an incredible opportunity!
The client must have their own liquid funds for 2%-5% of the loan amount, and provide proof of funds for these funds at submission.  NO Sponsor/Investor/Borrowed/Leased Proof of Funds (POF).
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Principal only repays 45%-55% of the loan over 10 years (in other words the client receives 45%-55% of the loan for FREE!  THE OTHER AMOUNT PAYS OFF/SINKS THE LOAN)
  • Principal retains complete control and ownership of the project
  • 30-60 days funding (on average)
  • $20M USD - $20B USD
  • Worldwide - except for projects containing US real estate
  • Any industry, except films/movies, or projects containing US real estate (real estate in any other country qualifies)
  • Client receives loan terms and documents and information about the lender and escrow agent prior to making escrow payment
  • Escrow funds are not released to the lender until AFTER the client receives the loan. If the loan is not funded, the escrow funds are never released to the lender and the escrow funds are returned, in full, to the client.
  • Fees and costs can usually be added into the loan amount, with the escrow payment refunded to client at funding.
TO APPLY email GlobalLendingCo@gmail.com and provide the following ONLY, nothing else:
1. Project Name
2. Country where Project is located
3. Industry
4. Brief, 1-2 sentence description of project
5.  Amount Needed - $20 Million USD - $20 Billion USD
6. You MUST include Proof of Funds (POF) belonging to the principal. This will be verified. Repeat: sponsor/investor/borrowed/leased funds are not allowed.
  • For projects $20M USD - $1B USD, POF for at least 2% of the loan amount
  • For projects $1B USD - $20B USD, POF for 1% of the loan amount
  • POF must be a bank statement (dated within the last 30 days - feel free to black out the account number), or a letter from your bank (dated within the last 7 days). Screen shots are not acceptable.
  • Government projects (where the country/government is borrowing the money) do not require POF
We will then arrange a call to discuss the submission, and answer any of your questions, before submittal of the loan request to the lender.  This is for serious borrowers only.

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